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Hollywood Director Rob Reiner Says America is in a “Civil War”

Hollywood director Rob Reiner told MSNBC’s Katie Tur that America is “in the last phase of a civil war.”

Accusing Donald Trump of inciting anger and violence against the media and immigrants, Reiner chastised Trump’s supporters, mentioning, “They’re simply mad, their people are angry, and he will feed them whatever they desire to keep that anger going.”

“If you do not break through, we’re going to have, we remain in today, it may be the last phase of a civil war, the last fight is being combated,” said Reiner. “Ideally it will not be fought physically, however we are more divided than we ever have been.”

The director went on to ludicrously assert that the media was supporting Trump’s program regardless of many studies revealing that most traditional networks are overwhelmingly negative towards Trump in their protection.

“We’ve got a president who is supported by media,” Reiner declared, adding that all presidents have actually pressed “propaganda,” however they have actually “never ever” been endorsed by a “state-run media.”

While Reiner’s persistence that America is in a “civil war” is asserted around his own hysterical predisposition against Donald Trump, he’s not the first kept in mind person to raise the possibility in current months.Back in June,

Republican Politician Congressman Steve King cautioned that America is heading to a 2nd civil war as a result of the significantly polarized political environment grasping the country.In an op-ed for U.S.A. Today, Tennessee law teacher Glenn Harlan Reynolds< a href=https://www.infowars.com/professor-civil-war-in-america-has-already-begun/ > said civil war in America had actually”currently started “.”Hollywood has actually basically turned its items, and its

award reveals, into showcases for”the resistance.”Americans are already sorting themselves into neighborhoods that are predominantly red or blue,”Reynolds wrote.A Rasmussen survey from June also discovered that 42% of Americans believe a 2nd civil war is either most likely or highly likely within the next 5 years.SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71!.?.!*********************Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at big of Infowars.com and Jail