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Hollywood Director Defends Prayer After Actor Chris Pratt Criticized for Praying – Faithwire

America is so bitterly divided, even the most benign of posts on social media unleash the ugliest of sentiments.

When Hollywood director Kevin Smith (Clerks) suffered a severe heart attack – one he only survived after making the clutch decision to cancel his second show and see a doctor – mega star Chris Pratt immediately chimed in on Twitter and said he’d be vigorously praying because he very much believes in the power of prayer:

Kevin we don’t know each other too good but I have loved you since Clerks and I’m praying my ass off for you cause I believe in the healing power of prayer. Can you please pray with me people!? 🙏♥️ https://t.co/syB7BiQaoY

— chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) February 26, 2018

People, who apparently have nothing better to do than dissect and criticize the prayer life of others, immediately decided to let Pratt know they weren’t fans of prayer:

Image: Twitter troll in his natural habitat
Image: Sad Twitter troll

There were countless more super hot takes like these, but when Chris Pratt says he’s going to pray for you – he’s going to pray for you. Undeterred by the lifeless anti-prayer trolls, Pratt doubled down on his promise to pray for Smith:

Praying for you. I will continue to. You inspired me with Clerks when I was a senior HS. I’m tagging my Lb/rb football coach who showed me the movie cause he believed in me and knew I’d be inspired. @hodge1916 🙏♥️🙏 https://t.co/syB7BiQaoY

— chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) February 26, 2018

Everyone who has followed Pratt knows he’s a man of faith, so his commitment to pray wasn’t all that surprising. What was interesting, however, was the defense of prayer from other Hollywood big shots. No, these weren’t just Pratt’s friends coming in to give him some positive PR – they were actually defending the entire concept of prayer.

Check out screenwriter James Gunn, who did explain he felt prayer with inaction is worthless, but gave a spirited defense of those who offer prayers in times of need. He argued that prayer has been a “great boon” to his life and “help me navigate this world.” Gunn also said criticizing prayer leads to “dissuading” people from doing so themselves, and he doesn’t want to stop people from doing something they believe is helpful.

While it’s unclear if Gunn is a Christian or not, nevertheless his spirited defense of prayer and the offering of prayer to others in times of strife is a welcome change from the usual stream of hostility Christians are used to seeing from Hollywood in regards to prayer.

Check out the entire thread:

2 There is nothing wrong with sending someone positive thoughts & prayers. But when this is coupled with inaction when action will benefit the situation, it’s empty.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) February 26, 2018

4 And if you’re going to offer prayers to the folks suffering in Puerto Rico, you might consider adding a link for a donation or calling on your representatives to take action, in addition to those prayers. Prayers alone will not change the world.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) February 26, 2018

6 I’m not tweeting this to defend Chris – he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. But for me, personally, prayer and meditation are great boons to my life and help me navigate my way through this world, and I don’t want to dissuade others who find those things useful.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) February 26, 2018

8 I don’t think that means YOU need to pray. I don’t. There are many ways to navigate this life. Mine is only one of them. Prayer isn’t for everyone but, in the face of helplessness, it’s often meant as a acknowledgement that one cares (and we all care about @ThatKevinSmith).

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) February 26, 2018

9 If I am ever sick I will gratefully accept any of your thoughts and prayers. And will not be as grateful for some random fan knocking down my doctor and performing his own brand of kick ass surgery on me. Love to you all. Have a great week.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) February 26, 2018