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Hollywood Commemorates Steve Bannon White House Exit: ‘Shove a Tiki Torch Up Your Ass’

Hollywood celebrities gleefully licked their chops Friday morning after news broke that Steve Bannon would be leaving his post as White House chief strategist.

Numerous stars — including many who had been calling for Bannon’s ouster since he was appointed CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last year — took to Twitter to celebrate the occasion of his resignation, which was reportedly delivered to the White House on August 7.

Longtime Trump nemesis Rosie O’Donnell was one of the first to tweet about the news, telling Bannon: “Shove a tiki torch up your ass.”

hey bannon – shove a tiki torch up ur ass #FIRED

Others, including actors Kumail Nanjiani and Don Cheadle, wished Bannon a hearty goodbye on his way out.

Bye bye Steve Bannon!!!!!!! Oh my god this tweet has been sitting in my drafts for WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!

Filmmaker Michael Moore, one of the most vocal celebrity critics of Trump and his administration, wrote that Bannon saw Trump was “able to defend white power all on his own,” and so was able to leave his position.

BANNON GONE! When Bannon saw Trump able to defend white power all on his own, he said 2 himself, “My job here is done. Mission accomplished”

Below, find a roundup of celebrity reaction to Bannon’s White House exit. Some tweets contain explicit language.

🎶Get it on
Bannon gone
Get in on 🎶

Bannon is out. Beware! He can do the exact same thing without an official title in the Administration. Nothing changes until Trump is out.

bannon / briebart will continue on outside Oval Office —great he’s gone but monster in Oval Office will keep him on speed dial

Trumps inner circle is diminishing fast. All he has left is Stephen Miller, his daughter and the devil.

Good news: Steve Bannon is gone.

Bad news: He is being replaced by a sentient swastika with its right arm permanently in the heil salute.

Getting Bannon out of the White House won’t solve the problem. Neither will one sip of water in the desert but thank you yes I’ll drink that

It is a delicious irony that the white supremacist rally has led to the ouster of the most visible white supremacist from the White House.

did Trump just fire Potus?

A shame Bannon won’t even have his weekend gig as a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic anymore.

Um what kind of sociopath hires Steve Bannon in the first place?

Good for you, Mr. President, for your ongoing efforts to keep herpes out of the White House. And here we thought you stood for nothing.

Sources say Bannon & Trump just couldn’t agree on whether some Nazis are good people or all Nazis are good people