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Hollywood Animal Handler Found Beating Animals, Has License Revoked

Hollywood Animal Handler Found Beating Animals, Has License Revoked

Written by Zachary Toliver|

Infamous tv and movie animal exhibitor Sidney Yost– who has made headings for beating animals with sticks and feeding them contaminated food– is completed in program company.

© iStock.com/ ymgermanAccording to public records obtained by PETA, the United States Department of Farming(USDA)has revoked Yost’s license to exhibit animals and slapped him with $30,000 in fines for more than 40 offenses of the federal Animal Well-being Act that occurred in between 2008 and 2010. As specified by the USDA, Yost and his workers consistently utilized physical abuse to deal with

animals, consisting of a monkey named Rowdy and a lion called Romeo. Physical abuse was also used to manage wolves, and the handlers used sticks to strike tigers.In the USDA’s preliminary choice, the judge mentioned that Yost’s”use of a wooden walking stick and the risk of using it were too commonplace. “Authorities likewise noted that Yost consistently allowed the general public to have direct contact with big cats, wolves, and primates and cannot supply enough barriers– a decision that proved fatal for at least one animal. In 2009, a toddler was bitten and hurt by a wolf called Nova, who had not been vaccinated for rabies and was, therefore, euthanized after the occurrence for screening purposes. She did not test favorable for the disease.PETA has actually understood about Yost’s cruelty for a long while now.Yost– who worked as Amazing Animal Productions, Inc.– supplied animals for various television productions and films that supposedly consist of Logan, Get Out, 12 Years a Slave, The Appetite Games, and Lee Daniels’The Butler, amongst lots of others. For roughly 20 years, we’ve documented all his shoddy habits and those ofIncredible Animal Productions, which consist of a lawsuit settlement in which he agreedto give up custody of four chimpanzees and cease working with primates after facing claims of beating chimpanzees in his care. We made certain to share these information with all the producers and directors in the industry.Animals aren’t actors. Period. There’s nothing attractive about showbiz for primates, big felines, bears, and other animals utilized in films and on television. They’re frequently kept in severe confinement and denied of all that is natural and crucial to them, including friendship with others of their kind and a spacious, enhancing environment.BREAKING: The #Hollywood trainer caught viciously whipping young tiger charged with ruthlessness! https://t.co/1xSttC0l0X!.?.!https://t.co/NJ2OUQKwVD!.?.!— PETA(@peta ) April 13, 2016 Animals forced to carry out are usually subjected to extensive and abusive training methods to push them into completing stressful, complicated, unpleasant, and even agonizing acts. Training techniques can consist of poundings, making use of electrical prods, food deprivation, and drugging.Help PETA Conserve Animals Required to Perform in Hollywood Never purchase tickets to any movie or live efficiency that uses wild animals. Tell companies you will not support them if they utilize live animals, and ensure that your loved ones know to do the exact same. When their incomes

take a hit, animal abusers take notice.Although Yost’s profession in ruthlessness is over, some productions with animals who suffered from his abuse are still in circulation. Inform Suburban Vehicle Group to pull a tv commercial including a young chimpanzee who was offered by Yost.< a href =https://support.peta.org/page/1510/action/1 target= _ self > Inform Rural Auto Group to Retire ‘Trunk Monkey ‘Ads