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Hollywood aims to promote us however really, they just do not get it

SUBMIT– Travelers take photos of the Hollywood sign from a shopping complex along Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, August 3, 2017.(REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Members of the privileged, elitist culture usage popularity, fortune and power as a compass to determine their identity and identify their satisfaction and happiness. They’ve turned into one big walking contradiction in their effort to swamp the rest of us with their version of typical, which isn’t actually typical at all.This has gone on for so long they can’t even see how ethically bankrupt they’ve become.From Washington to Hollywood, as well as bleeding into highbrow Silicon Valley, this overbearing, lost culture has spent far too long attempting to inform the rest of the nation. Now it’s time to enlighten them.Here are some things they don’t comprehend about the majority of us.Hollywood gets rich off of selling

us fairytales and glamour. To the majority of us, there is absolutely nothing glamourous about our partner unfaithful on us.We are content. While we have goals and dreams, which much of

us are deeply driven to pursue, our greatest accomplishments and exactly what we outwardly achieve are not exactly what bring us contentment.Our satisfaction comes from doing what is honorable– pursuing a deeper love in our marriages; raising our kids to be accountable and contributing members of society; offering in our communities; buying our relationships; and building each other up instead of tearing each other down.Contentment is not something you get by hitting the next goal or milestone or attaining that next huge thing. Inning accordance with a 2017 Gallup Poll, approximately 75 percent of all Americans consider themselves part of a Christian faith. Another 6 percent of the population recognizes with a non-Christian faith, including Judaism, Islam and others.This means that most of individuals in our nation believe in a greater power and understand that their lives have to do with something larger than themselves.We all have priorities.

One appearance at our top priorities, and we can quickly find exactly what’s essential to us.The things we value most get many of our focus and energy. Where we choose to expend our energy and focus will either result in satisfaction or leave us feeling restless and continuing in pursuit of exactly what will feed our soul and fill that void.The lost culture equates power, satisfaction, cash and fame with satisfaction and contentment– however is actually pursuing an endless cycle of depravity. Its members trick themselves into thinking the next thing will please them.It’s no secret lots of celeb couples view marriage as

expendable. A quick look at the magazine covers in the grocery store checkout line informs you all you have to learn about who is updating to a newer model in any given week.One study showed that popular couples are 2 times as likely to obtain a divorce as the rest of us. Part of that factor could be the wickedness they have actually purchased into. Numerous celebs are on record as either questioning monogamy or stating in no unpredictable terms that they do not think in it, consisting of Scarlett Johansson, Ethan Hawke, Cameron Diaz, and Emma Thompson. Jada Pinkett Smith reached

to say:” In our marital relationship pledges, we didn’t say abandoning all others.” Hollywood gets abundant off of selling us fairy tales and glamour. To the majority of us, there is absolutely nothing glamourous about our spouse unfaithful on us.Their newest “fairytale,””Fifty Tones Freed” is set to open in theaters simply in time for Valentine’s Day. This is the third film in the”Fifty Shades of Grey “trilogy.The motion pictures are understood for their graphic sex scenes including chains, dominance, sadism, and masochism. Is violence versus ladies really the message Hollywood must be sending right now, even if it is depicted as consensual?This is an industry that is drowning in a sea of sex scandals. We just got done watching them use all black to the Golden Globes to oppose the sexual misbehavior that a lot of them disregarded for years. Now we’re expected to pay to watch them portray violence versus females as some terrific romance, since the female in the film takes place to consent to the violence?As parents, we’re aiming to raise responsible kids, with the end game that one day our independent little totally free birds will fly the nest and base on their own 2 feet. We are depending on that we’re getting just enough of this parenting thing right so they won’t be living in our basements till they’re 35, and that they’ll be ready to walk into the adult years geared up with the tools they

require to make great judgment calls.We don’t want our kids to grow up to be like members of this depraved culture, whether it’s a star in Hollywood who thinks monogamy is childish; a political leader in Washington who uses taxpayer money to create a secret fund to cover for coworkers accused of sexual misbehavior; or a tech genius in Silicon Valley who belongs to a secretive sex and drug culture. They are a culture unto themselves. They do not represent many of us or the values we are attempting to impart in our kids. We may be captivated and amused by them from time to time, and even a little curious. We don’t want to be like them and we certainly don’t want our kids to imitate them.Depravity is an eventually unfulfilling presence. In the end, it’s purchasing our households, our friendships and our faith– rather than simply ourselves– that provides us the contentment and peace that we

look for more than any amount of popularity, fortune or power ever could.