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Holidaymaker Has 189 Seats to Herself and Enjoys VIP Treatment

A British female was stunned when she ended up with 189 seats all to herself on a flight to Crete.When author

Karon Grieve boarded her flight, she anticipated it to be quiet, however she didn’t envision that she would be the only passenger.She delighted in VIP

treatment as she boarded the four-hour flight from Glasgow to Crete on Sunday Oct. 22, that cost her ₤ 46( US$ 60 ). A picture on the plane reveals the 57-year-old guest enjoying a glass of wine with rows of empty seats behind her. She got a customized commentary from the pilot, a complimentary meal, and could choose any seat she liked. Pleased Karon Grieve with rows of empty seats behind her.(Karon Grieve)”Envision my surprise when I got to eviction and the flight crew welcomed me stating,’ Hi there, you are our only traveler. You have your own private jet today,’she stated to the Daily Record.”I was surprised. The captain Laura came and talked before takeoff and I remained in given name terms with Viktoria, Ashleigh, Toyah, and Diane before the doors even closed. Later, the very first officer Lee came for a chat.”The happy traveler from Dunlop, Ayrshire, was at first informed at check-in there were 3 individuals booked onto the flight, however the other two didn’t show up.”

They moved me to seat number one so I had all the leg space and everything, it was wonderful, “the food lover, the Scottish author informed The Sun .

Karon Grieve delighted in VIP treatment on the ₤ 46 Jet2 flight.(Karon Grieve)

“The pilot then came out and chatted to me prior to departure and throughout the flight was recording we were doing and where we were going,” she stated.

“She would come over the tannoy stating “Hi Karon and the ladies” informing us when to watch out the window and what to watch out for.

“At one point there was this amazing lightning storm so the pilot had us all viewing that which was just fantastic” Grieve said.The lucky

passenger informed how she didn’t even have to wait for her travel luggage, it was handed to her at the end of the flight.

The Scottish author is now enjoying a month’s break in Crete, where she is dealing with her brand-new book. (Karon Grieve)

Talking to The Sun, an agent for Jet2 said, “We’re thrilled Karon got to experience our VIP customer support in style.

“It is not unusual for the last outbound flight of the season to have fewer bookings than regular. We hope Karon has a great time in Crete,” the representative said.She is now

delighting in a month’s holiday in Crete where she is dealing with her approaching book.