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Have a Jolly Hollywood Christmas

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!It’s the

most terrific time of the year– as evidenced by this 1941 picture of Ingrid Bergman taking a break from Hollywood. Click though for 25 more pictures of superstars at Yuletide.Following the Swedish tradition

, Saint Lucia– called the Queen of Light– introduce the Christmas season for Bergman and her boy Robertino.Dolled up for the celebration, Marilyn takes a peek

at one of her presents.Clearly she was excellent for goodness’sake.Ann Sheridan assists Santa( a skillfully camouflaged Mr. Grant

)with his beard, to the pleasure of Lucille Ball.Who doesn’t enjoy Lucy

under the mistletoe?He doesn’t look so blue this Christmas– even reading his induction notification from the draft board.Princess Grace tends

to present wrapping in the Prince’s Palace

of Monaco.Cozying as much as Sinterklaas (aka Jolly Old Saint Nick).”Ain’t been round given that you know when/ Christmas time is here

again”At home in Rome, setting up the crèche, in 1953.

The blonde bombshell, circa 1960. Having himself a merry little Christmas

, 1954. Appears to be chilly because studio.Bringin ‘goodies to the young and old.Naughty or good? Do you truly

need to ask?Kittens staying warm by the fire.Feeling pretty in a vacation portrait taken in 1961, the year she starred in both”

West Side Story” and”Elegance in the Lawn.

“On the set of the 1977 TV special”Bing

Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas.

“With a carol in her heart.A star at the top, Christmas 1956. Along with a stocking hung by the chimney with care

, circa 1955. Looking uncharacteristically sweet back in the 1930s. And why not– it’s the holidays!Come on, get happy– as she seems in this photo, taken

Ten Years before “The Partridge Household.”In 1951, when she was still a budding

starlet– and had actually simply been voted

” the present all G.I.’s would like to find in their Christmas equipping.”Hey, those are for the tree!