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Guy Desired in ‘Gruesome’ West Hollywood 7-Eleven Ax Attack Jailed

A guy who assaulted a person with an ax just outside a West Hollywood 7-Eleven shop on Saturday has been collared, authorities verified Tuesday.Kisu Bradey Brown,

41, is believed to be the man who repeatedly striking another male with an ax or “hatchet-type” weapon before getting away the scene, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department authorities said.No further details was launched about the arrest.A guy strikes another guy with an ax, as seen in surveillance footage launched by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Sept. 5, 2017. The event happened at a 7-Eleven

store in the 7900 block of Santa Monica Boulevard at about 4:05 a.m. Saturday, authorities said.Brown is a regional short-term and”referred to as a violent person”

who has had “many “felony convictions and previous assault convictions, sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Bishop said at a Tuesday news conference.The victim had used to spend for products that Brown was apparently attempting to take from the 7-Eleven shop, according to a< a href=https://local.nixle.com/alert/6143201/?sub_id=1000000475 target =_ blank rel=noopener > news release from the department.Kisu Bradey Brown in an image launched by the L.A. County Constable’s Department on Sept. 5, 2017. That’s when Brown”became upset,”the release said, and “a struggle occurred”in between him and the other male while they were still inside the store.But the scenario escalated just as the two men were leaving the shop, as seen in security footage. The video reveals the male who deputies believe is Brown leaving first then waiting outdoors to assault the victim.Bishop explained Brown as lying in wait for the victim.Just as the victim takes his very first few actions out of the store, the assailant quickly pulls a”hatchet-type” blade from his clothes and lunges at him with it, Bishop said.Kisu Bradey Brown in a picture released by the

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department on Sept. 5, 2017. The victim falls to the ground with that very first swing of the blade, the video reveals.”At that time, another person comes out of the store and sees what’s going on, as now the suspect is dominating our victim, chopping at his face,”Bishop said, calling the attack a”really gruesome attack.”” For a genuine quick 2nd, the suspect strolls

away, “Bishop stated of the last minutes of the attack.”He’s still in the view of the cam. He then reverses and comes back and continues to slice at the victim’s face while(the victim is)pushing

the ground– prior to he gets away.” Brown knocked the hatchet versus the victim’s skull a number of times, triggering several head injuries, Bishop said. Medical professionals were”easing the pressure on his skull by having a tube in his head, “he said.The victim also suffered”

significant damage” to one of his hands, defensive injuries triggered by Brown”nearly slicing his hand in half”with the weapon, Bishop said.Brown was seen fleeing the scene northbound on Hayworth Avenue, authorities said.

“We’re hoping we can get tried murder charges submitted on this person,”Bishop told reporters.34.090009 -118.361744