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GENIOUS! Get Rid of Headache or Migraine in 2 Minutes or Less!

It’s possible that a youTube star managed to solve one of the most frustrating pains in all times? Thousands of fans say that he did. in his video he reveals his unique technique to get rid of headache and migraine and the internet is amazed.

Get Rid of Headache or Migraine

Yes, you’ve read right.
Get rid of that annoying headache that is lasting for hours in a simple way that takes less then 2 minutes!

The youTube star Kamil, published this video 4 years ago in which he shared with the users his unique technique to vanish headaches – it became very popular lately and we can easily understand why.

Kamil claims that he can get rid of migraine in 2 minutes with 3 simple questions. in his video he asks them again and again and promises that by the end of the video your pain should be gone!

“Every time I ask you a question I want you to think about it and answer” he says. His three questions are: “Where is your headache? What color is it? What shape is it? After repeating the questions four times he says “The headache should be gone by now”.

Kamil - Get rid of headache
He’s a magician!

His video already got over 1.8 million views. even though we’re talking about a pretty odd method, he’s got thousands of fans. “Are you a magician? it worked!” and others said “This helped, thank you!”

Kamil explains that most of our headaches are made because of us – because of the stress we live in.
If we focus our mind on something else from the point of stress our brain will receive the message that we’re aware to the pain and it will be gone.
He offers to whoever didn’t find relief in his headache to repeat the technique few more times.

Kamil explains – how it works?