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Fyre Fest went from a celebrity-fueled “luxury” trip to a viral laughingstock

Attendeesseem to have had a horrible time at Fyre Fest, the devastating Bahaman music festival that turned out to be a shoddily produced mess that had actually to be canceled a couple of hours in. However gawkers on the web have actually consequently had a fun time buffooning the mayhem on social media.With ticket

prices ranging from $450 to $12,000 (not counting upgrades), and some ticket levels supposedly topping out at a $250,000 group rate, Fyre Fest was sold asa extravagantly produced high-end getaway held over two weekends on a “& ldquo; private island once owned by Pablo Escobar” & rdquo; in the Exumas district of the Bahamas. There, guests could participate in concerts from headlining artists Blink 182 and Tyga.

Co-founded by Ja Guideline and promoted heavily on Instagram and Twitter by a list of supermodels, Kendall Jenner, and other low-level stars, the festival promoted flashy benefits like VIP tents on the beach, each total with luxury king-size bed, gourmet meals prepared by celebrity chefs, and a VIP jet party. The festival boasted that guests could likewise remain in & ldquo; contemporary geodesic domes& rdquo; or on luxury yachts simply off the coast. From the moment we stepped off our planes in the exumas we had Instagram models dancing around and pouring

tequila into our mouths– dylan( @DylanACOP) April 28, 2017 However— what the hardy travelers found when they got to the Exumas was a disorderly headache of false information, poor organization, and evident fraud. Olivia Bannock/ Twitter– Olivia Bannock(@OliviaIvey) April 17, 2017– William N. Finley IV(@WNFIV ) April 28, 2017– FyreFestivalFraud(@FyreFraud)

— April 27, 2017– Rain Guy (@omgRainMan )

— April 28, 2017 The”premium food “this weekend was included in the ticket expense. We are being fed salads and ham and cheese sandwiches from this tent pic.twitter.com/MRv7U0RiyM!.?.!— dylan(@DylanACOP) April 28, 2017 I’m out here at< a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/fyrefestival?src=hash "> #fyrefestival and some person found a conch shell and blew into it and everybody is listening to him– Juicero Investor (@Robbie_gr) April 28, 2017 The only genuine headliners seemed to be a cadre of beach pigs that revealed up consistently, one frustrated guest reports.– Brooke Allison(@brookemag) April 28, 2017 The official Fyre Fest company progressively

— melted down throughout Thursday, ultimately canceling all inbound flights to the festival due to & ldquo ; overcapacity & rdquo; on the island– meaning that some delayed flights into the Bahamas were halted literally on the runway.The entire festival was eventually canceled on Friday amid mounting ridicule– or rather, & ldquo; completely postponed. & rdquo; Due to unanticipated and extenuating circumstances, Fyre Festival has actually been totally postponed( con’t)– Fyre Celebration(@fyrefestival)< a href= "https://twitter.com/fyrefestival/status/857936930511749120" > April 28, “2017 After evaluating the situation today and taking a look at best options for our guests, we can stagnate forward as we hoped we might(con’t )– Fyre Celebration (@fyrefestival) April 28, 2017 For social networks gawkers,

Fyre Fest is a dream become a reality Observers have nearly generally greeted the Fyre Fest fiasco as a funny morality tale. It & rsquo; s a perfect storm of scorn, featuringrich millennials, bad investments, and marketing plans gone haywire in a kind of international traveler comeuppance. And granted, some attendees contribute to this

story without even trying:– Justin Enriquez(@justinenriquez_)< a href ="https://twitter.com/justinenriquez_/status/857871436634963973"> April 28, 2017– rick(@PatMahogna )

April 28, 2017 Other guests have actually warned that things aren & rsquo; t that basic, and that— the fest-goers who will be most hurt by Fyre Fest were the ones who don & rsquo; t fit the stereotype.And all of the people here who are more youthful, myself included, truly

— busted their asses and scraped the barrel to

pay to be here.– dylan(@DylanACOP) April 28, 2017 I fulfilled a young boy, HERE BY HIMSELF, who actually told me that this trip bankrupt him.

And he paid bottom tier GA just like me. Absolutely unfortunate.– dylan (@DylanACOP)< a href ="https://twitter.com/DylanACOP/status/857832427867316224" > April 28, 2017 For a lot of internet

spectators, the event has actually turned into an opportunity to bask in the schadenfreude of seeing the proverbial & ldquo; rich kids of Instagram & rdquo; get deceived.

—– Jessica Roy(@JessicaKRoy)

April 28, 2017– Lizzie Tadsen(@tizzieladsen) April 28, 2017 Many “of us only dream of putting the rich

— in a gulag, Comrade Ja has actually gone and done it #fyrefestival– netflix & phil ☭(@PaleCompanion) April 28, 2017 The way in which the absurd were lured to their doom is also too legendary to go without commentary..@WNFIV!.?.! So to evaluate? Some Instagram kids just paid in between$450 &+$12k … to be stranded … in

— a tropical camping tent city. Cuz some designs informed them to.– Iron Spike(@Iron_Spike) April 28, 2017 I believe one striking aspect of #fyrefestival is models on Instagram enticing partygoers to their doom like modern-day sirens– Rachel Jane Andelman(@rajandelman)— April 28, 2017 i don’t understand, stunning females enticing you with music toward an island has always exercised well

in the previous– Ariana Lenarsky (@aardvarsk) April 28, 2017 Numerous have actually compared the scene to 2014 & rsquo; s notorious— geek celebration gone incorrect,

Dashcon, which infamously used duped fans & ldquo; an additional hour in the ball pit & rdquo; to make amends for a massively botched convention:– Mother(@truongasm)

April 28, 2017 However mostly, people simply wish to make fun of the gullible and use Ja Guideline as a symbol of class stress:– D( “@blaircwaIdorfb) — April 28, 2017– danielle (@daniellecalling) April 28, 2017 We have actually just verified the GoFundMe for #fyrefestival is a fraud, but Medical professionals Without Borders is there on the ground now with avocado toast.– Jacob B McCarthy

— (@ExLuxTenebris) April 28, 2017– Kierstan (@Kierstan77) April 28, 2017– BIG SPAGHETTI TIME (@itsbigspaghetti ) April 28, 2017!.?.!@bthny!.?.!@anntieup!.?.! I’m caring each and every single tweet about Ja Rule as a leading figure in the class war.– Kath(@gorealfar) April 28, 2017 In reality, Ja Guideline appears to have been nowhere on the premises at the

fest, though he eventually did apologize, vaguely, by firmly insisting none of it was his fault:– Ja Rule(@Ruleyork ) April 28 , 2017

On the other hand, the Bahaman Ministry of Tourism has issued a main statement

— stating that it was & ldquo; dissatisfied & rdquo; visitors to Exuma had such a terrible time. Oh well: Perhaps Fyre Fest 2018 will be a different story.