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From SRK To Deepika, Abhay Deol Trashed Every Bollywood Celeb Endorsing Fairness Creams

There are a great deal of problems that afflict the progress India is aiming to make, however from all the demographics, our fascination with ‘reasonable’ skin and its supremacy over others has brought us far away from advancement. In reality, regrettably, the only growth over the years has actually been marked by the rising variety of fairness items that feeds on insecurities and sells ways to become ‘beautiful’.

But, like they state, ‘Rome was not integrated in a day’ and collective efforts can break mountains. Today, we have a couple of champions of colour who are putting their foot down and dissuading the brand-made concept of ‘charm’. Now, Abhay Deol has actually joined the bandwagon and his words drive the point house!

Abhay Deol recently required to Facebook to post his views about these fairness creams. It wasn’t only worded, he took digs at his associates from Bollywood, including names like Shah Rukh, Shahid and more.




Image Source 1. ‘WE ARE NOT A RACIST NATION’< img src= http://www.storypick.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/john.jpg alt= abhay width


=700 height=305 > 2.’WHITE CHARM’ 3.’HOW REAL IS YOUR FAIRNESS?’ 4. Keep away from the sun? 5. ‘Patriotic Cream!’ 6. Whatever’fair’ and everything’charming’ 7. Pearl white radiance, anybody? 8. Be a MALE! 9. BLACK Abhay likewise published another thought-provoking piece and it goes to complement every word aforementioned.< img src= http://www.storypick.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/post.jpg alt=abhay width=700 height=400 > Really? The length of time will we let these items disillusion us? For how long before we state, NO?Read Abhay’s posts here.