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FOX: Corey Feldman says he’s ‘targeted for death’ for attempting to expose Hollywood pedophile ring

FOX: Corey Feldman states he’s ‘targeted for death’ for aiming to expose Hollywood pedophile ring

Corey Feldman has spoken about the Hollywood Elite pedophilia ring that goes right to the top for a long time. He even associates the death of his best friend, child actor star Corey Haim, in part to being a lot more abused as a child than he was by these ‘ill elite’.

Just after a statement he was going name names all the way to the very leading, he was detained for small belongings of cannabis and nearly eliminated he says.Now he desires assistance exposing a significant studio and leading executives, a few of whom seem top names in Hollywood.Having lived there 8 years, I have actually become aware of these stories by

those who assisted run the studios, and a few of the presidents of the largest studios that exist, who they swear were pedophiles.See Corey’s video here. We stand with him and hope he’s brave, and can get individuals

to assist him expose this from the bottom on up.Disclaimer: This article is not meant to supply medical recommendations, diagnosis or treatment.< meta itemprop=datePublished content

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