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Former Hollywood Assistant Posts Sexist Emails She Says She Got From Her Employer

In March of this year, Rosette Laursen states she was working as an assistant at a talent company in the Los Angeles area when she planned to take a day off to take part in the strike. The male she says was her employer supposedly responded to her request with an offending emailed rant, which he apparently intended to send out to someone else.On Tuesday, Laursen broke down the event in a Facebook that’s acquiring attention, using “Jorkle” as a stand-in for the employer’s real name, up until the end of the post when she exposes his identity: Michael Einfeld, of Michael Einfeld Management. According to his website, Einfeld is a talent supervisor for Oscar-, Emmy-, and Tony-winning clients. He says he’s worked with such big-time stars as Hillary Swank, Brendan Fraser and Phyllis Diller, to name a few.

Laursen claims she emailed Einfeld to let him understand that on March 8, the day of the strike, she “would enjoy to invest the day writing, as my profession objective is to be a TV Author, and unfortunately writers’ spaces are extremely dominantly male, even in 2017.”

According to Laursen, Einfeld incorrectly sent out an action that was meant for 2 male coworkers to a group e-mail address. In her Facebook post, Laursen supplied a screenshot of exactly what she declares to be Einfeld’s e-mails and recreated them with slight spelling changes:

“Are you fucking joking me. At the end of pilot season. Somebody should sew her vagina shut. I’m never ever hiring a girl ever once again.”

“No bonus offer for anyone that strikes or leaves early in pilot season. Nobody is striking in program company we are all versus Trump. And females are thought about varied and being pushed in as writer and directors. Zach who is a Jewish male is being pushed out.Uppity Selfish Cunt. Heather went to work. I make certain anybody at a casting office or firm would be fired.”

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Image by means of Facebook Inning accordance with Laursen, Einfeld followed the emails up with a text apology:” I ask forgiveness for venting like a masagonistic [sic] faggot. I was letting off steam I didn’t suggest to strike reply all. I’m an asshole. If you come back we can play nazi death camp. You can beat me and put me in the oven. Or feed me cabbage and lock me in the shower. I

genuinely am sorry.”

Image by means of Facebook Laursen writes on

Facebook: I wasn’t a big fan of any of this, and reacted “I quit.” Among my male coworkers, certainly recognizing he would be experiencing “a day without a female” for the indefinite future and would need to do more work, encouraged me to come back into the office saying, “It was just a joke.” My colleagues had actually worked there for years and my only guess is that they gradually became desensitized to Jorkle’s habits to the point where the line of what is normal or acceptable didn’t just blur, it disappeared. Which is unfortunate, due to the fact that I otherwise liked them. I understand the mental effects a person of power can have on their crew.She goes on to discuss that Einfeld”could be kind of horrible “however that” sometimes he was actually truly cool and funny and nice.” Laursen states she remained at the job longer than she would’ve liked however that she was likewise talking to for other positions. At the urge of good friends, she chose to pursue litigation.But Laursen declares that Einfeld repeatedly cannot react to her attorney’s communications, so she went public with his emails rather of pursuing additional legal action. Laursen states no one at the company has reached out to her since the post.”I only had two coworkers total, both male. One of my male coworkers asked if I was really stopping and said he supported my choice either way,” Laursen told me via email.”The other colleague made the joke comment. I haven’t had any contact with them because March.”As for why she chose to openly expose Einfeld, she says,”I do not believe Michael needs to be enabled to continue his improper habits with absolutely no effects. If he has gotten away with it for this long, then there are most likely countless similar scenarios in the entertainment market that go unmentioned. This is something that needs to alter.” Einfeld has actually not reacted to numerous ask for comment from Jezebel. We’ll upgrade this post if that changes.