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Former Atheist Anthony Hopkins Defies Hollywood, Reveals What Led Him To God

In the liberal, nonreligious world of Hollywood, it’s uncommon to discover any star who is brave enough to be open about their faith in God. Hollywood tends to promote atheism as “cool” and Christianity as boringly conservative or even offending. That’s why it was so refreshing to see famous star Sir Anthony Hopkins open about his strong faithin God. Faithwire reported that while appearing at the 11th annual LEAP Conference recently, Hopkins, 80, spoke about how he went from being an outspoken atheist to thinking in a greater power. He does not recognize as a Christian, Hopkins did state that he highly thinks God exists.During the look, Hopkins recounted the turning point in his life that came in 1975 as he beinged in a Twelve step programs conference where a female asked him a deep concern that changed his whole life.” Why do not you just rely on God?” the woman asked him. Hopkins described from that moment onward, he not had any desire to take in alcohol.Hopkins informed the students at the conference that he thinks individuals “can so much”and that he”

can not think that my life is exactly what it is because I ought to have died in Wales, intoxicated or something like that. “He can’t assist however give credit to God for turning his life around during that effective minute in 1975. This isn’t the very first time Hopkins has actually opened up about his beliefs in a greater power.

While promoting his scriptural movie Noah back in 2014, Hopkins stated that his faith has actually gotten stronger as he ages.”I feel every day, as I age, anyway, that it’s all a miracle,”he explained

.” I mean, my heart beats, my lungs breath. That is a remarkable– a remarkable phenomenon.”It’s so revitalizing to see an actor who is not scared to open up about God and faith.

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