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Famous Hollywood Actor Robert John Davi is Tired of Elitist, Anti-Trump Actors in Hollywood

My Dear good friends and associates,

I have just recently been considering President Trump’s executive action with regard to our nation having severe vetting and our migration policy finally being enforced. It has hurt me deeply to see such a violent response to something that, to my mind, makes absolute common sense.Let me begin by saying that I am from a household of immigrants that concerned this country for a much better life. They came to the United States “lawfully,”taken in, incorporated, and discovered English to the best of their capability, and demanded we speak it. As all of us understand, we reside in a time in which there are forces who wish to destroy our way of life.There are thousands of prohibited immigrant lawbreakers in the United States whose country of origin will not take them back. These crooks are complimentary on the streets of America.And then he dealt with Trump’s critics and their calls for open borders: We have recently heard from a huge selection of Hollywood stars on this concern

— Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, Ashley Judd, Madonna, significant firms, musicians, vocalists as well as the indomitable Shia LaBeouf. After much prayer on this issue, I should now stand in uniformity with all of my Hollywood elite brethren. They are! The rest of you are wrong!It is now in this spirit that I make an appeal to all in Hollywood and the media for us to utilize the Oscars to decide for the entire world to see and hear. It is time for Hollywood to lead the way.Then came his radical challenge: I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an Oscar initially: let’s do away

with the rules, barriers, and tickets to

the Oscars and after-parties, such as the swanky Vanity Fair party or the Weinsteins ‘star-studded affair.I ask all migrants, all unlawful immigrant bad guys and all un-vetted refugees to assemble on Hollywood to come to the Oscars and all the after-parties, even those held at the mansions or the Chateau Marmont or anywhere else. We in the Hollywood community want to reveal all Islamic extremists that we have love in our hearts– and exactly what much better method to do that than by welcoming them along on our most crucial night?It’s time the walls and electronic security gates come down. There are roughly 3,600 seats to the Oscars; we need to have at least 2,500 seats reserved for illegal aliens, refugees and migrants, or maybe even more. For those celebs avoiding the event,

each must welcome at least 100 illegal aliens, refugees or migrants to come to their home to enjoy the Oscars with them. The Academy and the Vanity Fair individuals ought to likewise get the 150 crooks who have recently been deported from Los Angeles and bring them to the program as honored visitors.