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Duke University Rejected Her, Then This Girl Sent Them The Most Epic Response

Applying to college is one of the most stressful times in a high school student”s life. There is a ton of pressure to get into a good school, as it likely determines their career path as an adult. Perhaps even more stressful and heartbreaking is when a student receives a rejection letter from their school of choice, especially after putting tons of hard work into applications and schoolwork.

This wasn”t the case for Siobhan O”Dell. She was rejected from Duke University, one of her top-choice schools. Instead of moping about and moving on, she decided to write a letter to the admissions office and formally let them know that she rejected their rejection.

This is Siobhan”s letter. She makes a humorously convincing argument about how she should be accepted to Duke and hopes they will reverse their decision.

Unfortunately for Ms. O”Dell, the admissions office responded to her rejection of their rejection, only to be rejected again. This is almost too much rejection!

(via TheChive)

I think Siobhan O”Dell might have a future in comedy. Her story was truly funny, and I”m sure she”ll do just fine at the university she ends up attending. Good luck, Siobhan!