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Donald Trump Trolled Hollywood for Abysmal Oscars Ratings


Trump Trolls Hollywood in Tweet about Oscar’s Ratings

If you enjoyed the Oscars, you’re alone. Ideally if you suffered through the sanctimonious tripe, you managed with a little help from your Crowder buddies by means of the live stream. If you were masochistic adequate to see the Oscars without Crowder-commentary, you were an only wolf in a sea of tentacle porn. The Oscars historically UNFORTUNATE! rankings was fodder for President Trump. Who simply couldn’t let this failure go by.Lowest ranked Oscars in HISTORY. Problem is, we do not have Stars

any longer– other than your President(just kidding, naturally )! Let’s go over one ridiculous point initially: capitalize”president”only when it’s a proper noun.”President of the United States “or “President Trump “are the only times to capitalize “president.” Please stop capitalizing it simply because you believe it’s important.Now, Trump is best about the Oscars’ratings sucking worse than a drowning person gasping for air. Perhaps attempt to refrain

from making sweet love to a fish. I understand the hashtag of old #LoveIsLove was all the rage, but could we try keeping the love a bit more human? A minimum of Daryl Hannah had legs in Splash!Sorry, variation. Regardless of Trump not yet making 50% in approval rankings, despite him going complete weapon control mommy blog writer in calling for gun confiscation initially, due process maybe later, Trump is still far more popular than the elitist snot lemmings bounding down the red carpet. Trump is at least genuine. In some cases he’s a real ass, sure, however a minimum of his assholery isn’t really scripted.Which we can’t say for the self-important, glittering rape gremlins lecturing us from Hollywood phases.