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Disgraced GOP Governor Blocked At VIP Entrance, Forced To Stand In Line Like Everyone Else

The former Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, who is only two days removed from office, was blocked from using a VIP entrance he had used for eight years and was directed to stand in line like everyone else.

Christie was trying to avoid a basic security check at the Newark Liberty Airport but had to learn the hard way that his special treatment was over.

The order came from police agents at the airport, who also operates the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. As you may have heard, Governor Christie and his aides were accused of using the George Washington Bridge, which the Port Authority operates, to tie up traffic in 2013 as political punishment for their adversaries.

It looks like Christie has finally received payback for that occurrence.

After one of its officers refused to let Christie pass, they informed him that he was no longer allowed to use that access. He was then escorted to the regular entrance, a sign of further embarrassment for the former Governor. Even though Christie cooperated, according to authorities, it was a sign of public embarrassment.

New Jersey governors have the option of being protected by a state trooper for at least six months after leaving office but are no longer afforded special VIP treatments of getting out of waiting in lines at airports.

Christie has been replaced in office by Democrat Phil Murphy, who defeated Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno in the election.

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