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Dapper Laughs Protects Rape Joke On ‘Superstar BB’ … Then Makes More Grim Gags

Oh dear, Dapper Laughs. It’s just taken the questionable comic one day in the Celeb Big Bro house and he’s already managed to piss people off something rotten.Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Bro The comedian -whose genuine name is Daniel O’Reilly-almost lost his career and was forced to semi-retire his character after making a questionable on-stage joke in 2014 that a female audience member was’gagging for rape’. O’Reilly has actually now attempted to safeguard the notorious ‘rape joke’to his new housemates, recognising he went too far while claiming the remark was taken ‘from context’ by the media.Unfortunately he quickly ruined everything by making a number of more grim gags about his fellow housemate Jess Impiazi as well as the voice of Big Brother herself. Method to change your tune, mate.< img src=http://beta.ems.ladbiblegroup.com/s3/content/78cd18625a51ccea37577ee239808521.jpg data-orig-height=345 data-orig-width=615 alt="Credit: Channel 5/Celeb BB"> Credit: Channel 5/Celeb BB Speaking with previous authorities officer Maggie Oliver, who revealed the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal, Dapper confessedthat his joke went too far, stating he realised he made the mistake in a discussion with his mum.”I review it now and it’s distressed a great deal of people. It’s distressed a lot of individuals,”Dapper informed Oliver, “but when the papers got it simply stated’Dapper Laughs has stated a girl is ‘gagging for a rape’. “My mum called me and said’Why did you state a girl was gagging for rape?’I simply stated’The context of the video …’and I knew then I ‘d gone too far. I understand you shouldn’t even talk about rape. “Simply moments later on in the Journal Room with Love Island’s Johnny Mitchell, however, Dapper quickly changed his tune, joking that Johnny would be’hanging out the back ‘of Ex on the Beach star Jess within 2 weeks

. Despite the fact that Johnny was frightened, Dapper then asked what thevoice of Big Brother was wearing and called her a’naughty ‘lady. Cringe. Credit: Channel 5/Celeb BB When inquired about the females in your home, Dapper took a look at Johnny and

Credit: Channel 5/Celeb BB
stated: “Within two weeks he

‘ll be hanging out the back of Jess. Can I say that?””I believe she’s stunning, “Dapper added.”If I were you I ‘d be 2nd knuckle. Do not show this on

the show.” Err … Obviously they did, mate.As you ‘d expect, tons of CBB audiences weren’t impressed with Dapper’s remarks, and took to Twitter to show their anger.They likewise mentioned the irony that simply recently CBB were commemorating the Year of the Woman prior to sending out Dapper into the house.Dapper Chuckles:”I

have actually changed, learned my lesson, was ill-mannered etc etc”.2 minutes later on:”Provide Johnny 2 weeks he’ll be hanging out the back of

Jess “. Ugh!! It’s not fucking ok to speak about ladies like that!! She’s not a fucking item. #cbb-Michelle Elliott (@michellelliott) January 6, 2018 Those last 2 minutes
proved my opinion of Dapper Laughs right.The way he spoke about Jess was revolting, sexist and improper. Hardly the altered man he professes to be is he? #CBB -Elliot Gonzalez (@elliot_gonzalez )< a href ="https://twitter.com/elliot_gonzalez/status/949758642705846273?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw "> January 6, 2018 When”Celeb”Big Sibling promotes year of the female … then sends out in Dapper Laughs: pleasure:: happiness:: happiness: could not make it up. pic.twitter.com/NrY4fXBgqs- dan(@iamdanjapan)
January 4, 2018 One audience stated: “Dapper apologises for’rape jokes’ then goes into the journal room discussing how ‘Jonny will be hanging off the back of Jess’and if he was him he ‘d be’second knuckle’ this is NOT how you appreciate women ye slimy assholes”Another included:”That Dapper Chuckles person on #CBB is the exclamation of the kind of pricks that make other men look bad!

Such a t *** like who would in fact say that a girl is ‘gagging for a rape’& saying to guy in journal room’He’ll be hanging out the back of someone’… He has no regard 4 women!”Much better watch on Daniel for the next couple of weeks. He may not be in the Huge Sibling house for long. Featured Image Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Bro Dapper Laughs Safeguards Rape Joke On’ Celebrity BB’… Then Makes More Grim Gags Sun Jan 07 2018 10:45:00 GMT +0000(UTC)Sun Jan 07 2018 10:47:52 GMT +0000(UTC)Chris Ogden in Entertainment Powered by