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Cycling At Night In This City Is Suddenly Safer And Way More Magical

Riding a bike at night can be a challenge. For one thing, it”s hard to see even with a headlight, as it might not illuminate enough of your surroundings. Also, it”s even harder for cars to see you. Plus, sometimes it can feel a little spooky.

But that”s about to change for you night-bikers. Dutch design company Studio Roosegaarde has unveiled a glowing, kilometer-long bike path in Nuenen, Netherlands, that uses solar power to illuminate itself in a path of swirling green when night falls. Biking is big in the Netherlands, and the path offers cyclists safe passage in the dark. The path is lit by a special solar coating that absorbs energy from the sun during the day, as well as by LED lights that are powered by a nearby solar array. Its swirling design was inspired by painter Vincent Van Gogh, who lived for a time in Nuenen, and the path is also named after him.

The path lights up in a pattern of swirls all along its I KM length.

As the daylight fades, the paint, which has been absorbing solar energy all day, begins to glow.

The result is practical, yet magical.

The path is covered with special solar paint that absorbs energy during the day, and glow at night, as well as LEDs that are powered by a nearby solar array.

The glowing path makes it easier for cyclists to stay on the path in the dark.

Studio Roosegaarde has worked on several public works designs that incorporate cutting edge technology to create cleaner, more energy-efficient public spaces that, like this, are still beautiful and magical.