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Crazy Cinco de Mayo Brawl Between Dudes and Chicks in West Hollywood


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5/7/2018 3:41 PM PDT

Crazy Cinco de Mayo Brawl In Between Dudes and Chicks in West Hollywood

Cinco de Mayoturned into Cinco de K-O after cinco chicks and dudes– probably way more than cinco cervezas into the day– entered into a legendary brawl.The melee decreased Saturday in a WeHo street. The video begins with the man in the salmon and blue shirt attempting to ward off a chick charging at him. He pushed her to the ground, and it was on!The ladies got in their blows, too. You need to keep viewing because just when you think the final weave has actually been yanked, more punches get thrown.It’s uncertain what started the melee and, honestly … we don’t care. Cops informed us no grievances were submitted, and no arrests were made despite somebody shouting cops were on the way.Hard to tell who had it even worse– the male

or female contenders. Our vote is the bad homeless man who got a rude awakening.