Corey Feldman Names First Member Of Hollywood Kid Sex Ring! ⋆

Corey Feldman Names First Member Of Hollywood Kid Sex Ring! ⋆


Corey Feldman has actually been declaring abuse for many years however Hollywood stars turned their backs on him hoping the claims would go away.After Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman and more were exposed, Feldman was given brand-new life and threatened to name names according to this “Hollywood Kid Sex Ring,” he claimed was ruining new, fresh young stars before they even began in the business.Today, Feldman named

John Grissom as the very first member of the “sex ring. “Grissom had actually led people to believe he was living in Mexico but he is living in America. He also served time for kid molestation. He also called child talent manager and convicted sex culprit Marty Weiss amongst his abusers.Feldman revealed

Grissom’s identity on an episode of The Dr. Oz Program, which aired Thursday.In the clip seen here, Feldman names his supposed enemy, as Dr. Mehmet Oz, the show’s host, reveals the audience a photo of Grissom on his mobile phone. Minutes after Feldman validates the image is of his abuser, the set make a phone call to Los Angeles authorities.”That is him,”Feldman states of Grissom’s picture in the clip.”That is the guy.”This is the very first time Feldman has in fact

called Grissom as a member of exactly what he claims is a” Hollywood kid sex ring “that has actually victimized young male stars because the 1980s. Grissom co-starred with Feldman in the early 80s motion pictures, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. Feldman told Oz that he wanted to name Grissom in his 2013 narrative, however that his

legal representation at the time forced him to utilize a pseudonym, “Ron Crimson. “”We needed to alter the names legally,”Feldman stated. “The attorneys made me

change the names. … They gave me a list of 3 or 4, you understand, names. I selected the one that sounded closest to his name. “Feldman has actually been making claims about Hollywood abuse for years, however was mostly overlooked till just this month, when stories started to emerge that mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, and director James Toback, amongst others, had presumably bothered, abused, and even attacked young actors and actresses in Hollywood.Here is the sector after Feldman naming Grissom as part of the “kid sex ring.”On today’s show, for

the first time ever, Corey Feldman recognized among his alleged abusers: John Grissom. On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Oz, Oz told Feldman that he called the Santa Barbara Authorities Department which they said they have no record of Feldman naming any specific individuals. Throughout

the show, Feldman and Oz called the police headquarters together backstage.SHARE this story if you wish to help Feldman get justice. He’s attempting to expose Hollywood’s sex ring and the media will only go so far. You are had to assist keep this story in the forefront. Include this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline and share your remarks below.