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Corey Feldman Exposé Will Out All Hollywood Pedophiles


Former kid star Corey Feldman is assuring to assist alter Hollywood permanently by “breaking the dam of silence” against Tinseltown kid predators. He is asking for aid in producing a movie to expose the pedophilia that he says prevails and what he and his friend Corey Haim experienced as child actors. Haim died in 2010.

Feldman has been outspoken for many years concerning the pedophilia he and Haim suffered in the 1980s. He has detailed plenty of stories, however people attempt to silence him. Throughout an appearance on The View, Barbara Walters had no empathy for Feldman and accused him of “attempting to damage an entire industry.” Video of that is below.In the past, Feldman

has refused to call names, however he wants to now. He has had a wild number of weeks because he began discussing his story again in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein abuse scandal. He feels his life has actually been threatened and he was even detained due to the fact that a bandmate had a medical marijuana prescription. He is scared for his life and is concerned that the pedophiles who attacked him are attempting to silence him.He has decided in spite of his fears, he is going to make a film that names the abusers he’s know for decades and chronicle the story of both Coreys and their scaries maturing amongst Hollywood pedophiles. He is crowdsourcing to raise loan for the film. He published a video on Indie GoGo looking for donations.Feldman has a lofty objective of$10 million that he believes he will require for individual security and legal bills. He is likely to be sued if

he is calling names. While it is a great deal of money to raise, the donations started rolling in instantly. After simply a handful of hours, over$ 20,000 has actually been contributed to the production of this movie assuring to expose pedophiles and alter Hollywood forever. Click on this link to learn more about Corey Feldman’s charges of pedophilia amongst the Hollywood elite!Share this to

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