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Chester Bennington 911 Call: Distraught Maid Screams After Finding Him Hanging– Listen– Hollywood Life

Chester Bennington


This is gut-wrenching. HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY obtained the devastating 911 call made after Chester Bennington’s housekeeper found him hanging in his bedroom. Listen to the disturbing call, here.

Four days after Chester Bennington, 41, tragically committed suicide in his home on July 20, Linda Williams, Custodian of Records at Palos Verdes Police Dept. has provided HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY with the shocking 911 call following his death. In the tape, you can hear his distraught housekeeper scream in the background while a driver begs law enforcement for help. This was moments after the housekeeper found the Linkin Park frontman hanging in his bedroom. Listen to the horrifying audio below.

“I’m a driver and I just got to a location and his housekeeper came out and said he unfortunately killed himself,” said the calm man while the housekeeper wailed. “I haven’t seen him, his housekeeper came up to me and said she found him dead. I asked ‘is he cold, is he warm?’ she said ‘no, he’s dead, he’s been hanging,’ and she’s talking to his wife right now.”Click here to see pictures of Chester.

The driver explains that he was there to pick up Chester, but the housekeeper informed him that he was dead, which is when he called for help. The fire department asked the driver to have everyone stay out of the room until paramedics arrived, but as we now know, it was too late to save him. We already knew that he was supposed to attend a photo shoot with his band on July 20 before being found dead, and one of the members was even present when the housekeeper came out and told them the heartbreaking news. Our hearts are shattered for the band and Chester’s family after his horrible tragedy.

Here is the 911 audio, but be warned, it is hard to listen to:

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