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When This Dog Spotted Something Moving Offshore, He Dove In After Them!

No one likes to sit on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun, and Louie the dog is no different. While hanging out at the bay with his humans one afternoon, he saw a pod of dolphins having a blast in the water. Tired of playing fetch day in and day out, this daring little guy decided to...

This Isn’t An Airport. What You’re Looking At Is The Coolest Thai Mall. Ever.

If youre looking for a top-of-the-line shopping experience, then you have thousands (if not millions) of options all over the world. If you want all that AND around-the-world themed bathrooms, then Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Thailand is the place to go. That might seem like a hike, but when you consider that its ten trips in one, youll realize...

This Smart Dog Does Something Incredible When Her Owner Throws A Ball

Having a ruff day? Then sit back and let Purin the Beagle brighten it up with her impressive goalkeeping skills.In this adorable video, Purin dons a Japanese national soccer team shirt and stops ball after ball kicked by her owner. Her saves are so impressive that I"m fully expecting her to be the goalie for the Japanese national soccer...

Scottish Terrier Pups Spin Around The Dish To Drink Their Milk.

Where did these puppies learn to be so cute?? Mom bends down to give her Scottish Terrier puppies their milk and they circle the dish in the same direction as they drink it! There"s nothing better than this Scottie Pinwheel. :)