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A Baby Disrupted This Professor’s Class, And He Did Something Adorable

Nothing stops everything in its tracks and kills the mood quite like a crying baby. That"s why when a baby began to cry in lecturer Sydney Engelberg"s class at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it could have caused a complete disruption. Engelberg, however, was more than prepared.According to his daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, 67-year-old Engelberg encourages his students to...

A Stranded Dog Gets Some Help From A Sea Creature.

A Tampa resident"s dog escaped through their fence and ended up in the Hillsborough River. Help arrived and noticed something else in the water. It became clear that it was a manatee watching over the dog until he could be rescued. The dog was returned to his owner with quite a story!

He Has Been Deemed The Ice Cream Master, And Once You Watch This, You’ll Know Why

After seeing how one Thai street vendor makes incredible ice cream rolls, I think I need to book a trip to Thailand to try them for myself.It"s amazing how quickly he"s able to turn a bit of milk into delicious, cookie-filled ice cream rolls.(source Gil Grobe)After watching this video, having my ice cream scooped from a tub by a...

Doberman Has A Near-Fail When Trying To Get In The Pool.

The Doberman sees the Maltese relaxing on a raft in the pool and wants to join. At first, the Doberman is very hesitant to trust the raft but decides to go for it. It"s definitely not pretty, but it worked! Let the pool party begin...