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This Family Embraced Tragedy And Turned It Into A Beautiful Dream Home — Wow

The human spirit is truly inspiring. Even in the face of tragedy, we"re able to pick ourselves up and make the best of what we have.After losing their home in a 2012 fire, this family decided to start rebuilding. They"ve since been documenting their build on a blog called A Building We Shall Go. They share DIY tips, tricks,...

They Weren’t Using Part Of Their Deck, So They Did THIS With It

When Redditor goclemsontigers99 and his wife looked at their patio, they saw a space that could use much improvement. Instead of lifting up all the boards and making a boring old patio all over again, they decided to build something impressive an outdoor kitchen. After weeks of planning, research, and development, the budding builder started his project completely...

Husky Puppies Engage In An Epic Battle. Who Will Be Victorious?

Which puppy will walk away from this epic Tug-of-War battle victorious? It"s every puppy for itself as they each try and claim the sacred rope. Too cute!

25 Adorable Animals Who Take Their Self-Appointed Jobs VERY Seriously

When we come home to our animals after a long day at the office, it's easy to feel jealous of their more laid-back lifestyle. I can't tell you how many times I've asked my cat when he's going to get a job and start supporting himself for once, but he only ever responds with cuddles anyway, so of course...