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RuPaul’s Walk of Fame star unveiled at ceremony in Hollywood

RuPaul's newly installed star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled Friday amid cheers from fellow celebrities and a throng of fans.Read More

Khloe Kardashian Told Pregnancy News To ‘Keeping Up’ Team Prior To Her Family– Hollywood Life

Khloe Kardashian Exposes The First People She Informed She Was Pregnant & & It Wasn't Her HouseholdKhloe Kardashian had the craziest pregnancy expose when it came to informing her enjoyed ones! She explains simply why theseindividuals were the first to called opposed to her siblings! Khloe Kardashian's mother, sisters, and buddies were not the very first people to know...

Williams: Hollywood Confirmed Its Role as Voice of ‘Anti-America’.

<aA few of the greatest names in Hollywood collected at the 72nd Tony Awards on Sunday night to join star Robert De Niro in trashing President Donald Trump.Among the A-List celebs who goaded De Niro on with an enthusiastic standing ovation for his"Fuck Trump"tirade were John Leguizamo, Harry Hadden Paton, and Rebecca Night.Actor Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame...