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That Viral Kate Winslet Clip Is Everything Incorrect With Hollywood in Four Minutes

Los Angeles Times Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times published a roundtable video featuring various actresses from Oscar-buzzy films. One moment from that session has been making the rounds on the internet. In the video, Kate Winslet, the star of Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel, was asked about the “outsized” tone of the film and took the opportunity to gush...

BuzzSenegal.com : Yaye Fatou, celle qui hante le sommeil des Vip

Yaye Fatou, celle qui hante le sommeil des Vip Découvrez les pictures ultra attractive de Yaye Fatou, celle qui hante le sommeil des hommes sans laisser en rade les vip de la République. Yaye Fatou, la sénégalaise aux jolies hanches est très suivie sur les réseaux sociaux put ses photos ultra hot. ...

How Hollywood Stars Might Look If They Could Fix Their Flaws

Exactly what do you think? Would these changes be for the better?Read More

Another Massive Celebrity Just ‘Declared War’ On Trump

The surprise statement from a talented and skilled performer is truly sad, because the "progressive echo-chamber" for an once independent and critical believing individual like Bono need to be truly excruciating, and maybe capitulation to the "Trump-haters" is the only remedy left.Like dominos celebs are up to progressive dogma, today it's Bono, who tried to explain why his new...