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Will Ferrell shines in what might be the best “Celebrity Jeopardy” ever

In the twenty years considering that "Star Jeopardy" initially appeared on "Saturday Night Live," over a lots iterations have been transmitted. In October 1999, previous cast member Standard MacDonald went back to the program to host the program and repeated his legendary impression of actor Burt Reynolds. The show began with Reynolds altering his name to Turd Ferguson, a...

16 Photos of Celeb Lookalikes You Can Hardly Differentiate

Taylor Swift's double looks more like Taylor than Taylor herself.Read More

Inside Celebrity Stroll In Closets

Have a look inside these stunning walk in closets from a few of our favorite celebrity houses.Read More

Another Hollywood star rips Trump and his fans– right prior to her new motion picture releases

Hollywood celeb Jennifer Lawrence appeared to insult Trump voters while promoting her new movie in a long and somber interview with Channel 4 News. In the latter end of the interview, she blames those who chose President Trump for environment modification and the destructive cyclones striking the southern coast of the country. The report asked Lawrence how she felt...