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Sharon Stone’s Handle The #MeToo Motion Is Sure To Infuriate Hollywood Feminists

Hannah BleauSharon Stone doesn’t mince words. While she certainly supports the true victims involved in the #MeToo movement, she says we need to be careful about taking it too far and treating ALL men accused of sexual misconduct the same.Like it or not, there are different levels of sexual misconduct. Asking an inappropriate question is not the same thing...

Mom’s Day 2017: 15 celebrity mothers and their popular kids

Being a celeb alone is difficult work. Being a star mommy suggests twice the work however with twice the fun! Read More

Guy Seen in Video Hitting Person Over the Head With Backpack Is Arrested in West Hollywood

b'A man suspected of assaulting a pedestrian in an unprovoked attack that was caught on video last month has been arrested, police said. Dale Shoner, 43, was taken into custody in West Hollywood on Thursday on suspicion of robbery, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon, according to the...'Read More

Affordable Hollywood? Kingsman 2 Director Edited Out Trump …

That's why I found this fascinating. Kingsman 2 had the requirement anti-Trump recommendations in the motion picture, however they got edited out at the last minute. Here, allow director Matthew Vaughn to describe why.Poppy, thedubious CEO played by Moore, had revealed her desire to host NBC's The Apprentice-- Trump's flagship truth show for more than a years. "We...