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Liberal Hollywood Has Worst Box Office Numbers In 25 Years – American Lookout

Exactly what could be the reason for this? Could it be that America is sick and exhausted of having their worths attacked by the left by means of the cinema? That's a respectable bet. Do you think they have a clue? Or will they continue to take shots at America, even if it drains their pockets? Breitbart has the...

Dolph Lundgren Talks Breaking into Hollywood & Staying There

Page 1 | Dolph Lundgren talks going from Ivan Drago in Rock IV to transitioning into other roles and staying in the industry for over three decades.Read More

Hollywood Hills Quarterback Makes History After Throwing Touchdown on Her First Profession Pass

It was just the third snap from center for Holly Neher in her debut Thursday night for Hollywood Hills High School.Read More

The Sleaze In Hollywood Is the LEAST Shocking Thing Ever. Here’s Why.

Alex, let's go with the category, "Things that I Already Knew" for $1,000.If news headlines about Hollywood were an episode of Jeopardy, the categories might be:Actresses Harvey Weinstein Didn't Try to Sleep WithDrug addicts and Dope DealersWho Said What Curse Words?Crimes That Didn't Get TimeThe Epicenter of Filth and PerversionAnyone who doesn't know that Hollywood has been the epicenter...