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Whiny Star Calls Trump “Racist,” Suddenly Discovers His Star Will Not Conserve Him

Actor Ron Perlman tried to be clever via Twitter on Tuesday, but it didn’t take long for President Donald Trump supporters to shut him down.Perlman posted a link to a video of Trump in 1993 voicing his concerns about the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.Attempting to make some kind of point, Perlman asked, “What’s a 10-letter phrase for racist c**t!”Classy.TRENDING:Obama...

‘NSYNC Reunites to Get Their Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

'NSYNC getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Popularity Monday looked a lot like Times Square outside 'TRL' circa 2000!Read More

Hollywood Icon Steve McQueen Came to Christ Before Death; Pastor Greg Laurie Reveals Details in Book

Internationally distinguished evangelist Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries is revealing the redemption story of legendary star Steve McQueen in his most recent book, Steve McQueen: The Redemption of an American Icon, which will be followed by a documentary movie.Read More

Hollywood takes on a tragedy of history– in movies from opposing perspectives

Charlotte Le Bon stars as an Armenian woman raised in France, and Christian Bale as an outspoken American reporter in"The Promise."(Jose Haro/Open Roadway Movies)Turks and Armenians have been in a bitter, long-running dispute over the deaths of more than 1 million Armenians throughout World War I in the Ottoman Empire. Armenians call it a genocide; the Turkish federal...