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Hollywood Celebrity Liberals FREAK! Throw Their Biggest FIT EVER After Trump Dumps Paris Climate Deal… ⋆ US Herald

President Trump just made great on another project pledge by pulling the United States out of the Paris climate deal. It took no time at all for elitist celebs to storm social networks with a ...Read More

Jessica Chastain On Hollywood Hypocrisy: We Rally Versus Trump While Disregarding ‘Sexual Predators In Our Workplaces’

At a women in home entertainment event on Monday, actress Jessica Chastain unloaded on Hollywood's hypocrisy, exposed in a glaring method over the last two weeks by the allegations of sexual misconduct versus megaproducer Harvey Weinstein, whose supposed habits was an "open trick" in Hollywood for decades.At ELLE's"Ladiesin Entertainment"occasion, in a room The Hollywood Press reporter notes included many...

Michelle Pfeiffer Rips ‘Systemic’ Abuse of Women in Hollywood

Iconic starlet Michelle Pfeiffer chimed in on the sexual assault and harassment scandal taking in Hollywood, telling the BCC on Sunday that abuse of females in the film industry is "systemic."advertisement"I have never worked with Harvey," Pfeiffer said of disgraced indy film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has been implicated of sexual assault or harassment by more the 60...

Hollywood Tries To Start A Movement After Actress Martha Plimpton Brags About Her “Best Abortion”

Liberals imitate they are all caring, however they can be totally ruthless when it comes to the most vulnerable lives. Goonies starlet Martha Plimpton spoke with a crowd in ...Read More