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BREAKING: We FINALLY have a star who is leaving the nation because of Trump!

Throughout the 2016 election, a number of stars promised to leave the nation if Trump was elected as President of the United States. Amusing enough, NONE really made good on their promise, previously!

According to the NY Post, actor Matt Damon is moving his family to Australia because of

his ongoing feud with Trump!(One down, MUCH MORE to go). EXCLUSIVE: Matt Damon is moving his household to Australia in part due to the fact that he’s fed up with Trump https://t.co/k8R3bhPooA!.?.!— New york city Post(@nypost) March 15, 2018 Here’s the story from the Post: Matt Damon is moving his family to Australia– in part since the liberal star’s fed up with President Trump. Damon, 47, reportedly has acquired a property in Byron Bay, New South Wales, according to Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph.

The home’s next door to a location owned by Chris Hemsworth– with whom Damon just recently appeared in” Thor: Ragnarok. “A source solely tells Page 6:”Matt’s telling friends and associates in Hollywood that he’s moving the family to Australia”since the activist star disagrees with Trump’s policies. The president’s frequently butted heads with liberal Hollywood A-listers consisting of Meryl Streep. The source included,” Matt’s stating the move will not affect his work– as he will take a trip to anywhere his tasks are shooting. He’s likewise telling friends he wishes to have a safe location to raise his kids. “Damon has four children with other half Luciana Barroso.We have just 2 words for Matt Damon and his family … Got ta give Damon credit here, at least HE kept his word! The other celebs were clearly simply bluffing.Here’s how Twitter responded; This phony made 10s of millions with Harvey

Weinstein, stayed silent for years, but virtue signals like a moron because Trump is

#winning. https://t.co/Dtl3f5AxGx!.?.!— John Cardillo(@johncardillo) March 15, 2018 Australia has actually a merit based migration system Matt Damon … so you might wish to reconsider https://t.co/cReU4XRMaX!.?.!— Saagar Enjeti(@esaagar) March 15, 2018 Excellent riddance. Matt Damon moving household to Australia because of Trump https://t.co/E6JSX2q4Ew through @pagesix– Heidi (@HeidiL_RN) March 15, 2018 America is fantastic again https://t.co/gh736omMjb!.?.!— Stephen Miller(@redsteeze) March 15, 2018’Matt Damon moving household to Australia because of Trump’Amazing! Who else is leaving? https://t.co/BDEzaVpJZx!.?.!— Chet Cannon( @Chet_Cannon) March 15, 2018 Australia has a 45%tax rate for earnings over $180k. Wonder if he’ll house his income there too ?? Going to go out on a limb and state no.

https://t.co/sSFHUrpVk4!.?.!— Meech (@michi83)

March 15, 2018 Are you happy to see Damon leaving? Who else would you want to see flee our country? Comment below …