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Becky Vardy Reportedly Considering Grievance Against Joe Swash After ‘I’m A Celeb’ Comments

Joe Swash most likely didn’t think his comments on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! spin-off program Extra Camp would rile up any of the contestants, however he was wrong. Very incorrect.

The EastEnders star had a little bit of a rant about Rebekah Vardy during the program and had some option words to say about her.

Credit: ITV/I’m a Star … Get Me Out Of Here!He said:

” I do not feel like – apart from Rebekah Vardy who’s part of the guy group – there’s no women therein.

“Proper strong ladies to state ‘no, I do not require 2 blokes to do this, we’re capable too’. I ‘d love to see Jennie do something.”

While some people may not even bat an eyelid at that, Mrs Vardy was apparently fucking ‘livid’ at being considered manly or masculine – you can understand why any lady worldwide might not be keen to have those words used to describe them.

A source near to the 35-year-old has informed the Sun that Becky isn’t really going to let this be discarded as friendly banter. Credit: ITV/ Extra Camp

“Becky came off the ITV2 show absolutely livid,” the source stated. “She was ranting and raving at personnel over Joe’s remarks.

“She’s thinking about making an official complaint. Becky called him a ‘weasel’.

“She anticipated Additional Camp to be light-hearted and fun – which it is – but wound up feeling like she had her back to the wall and was cornered and required to speak about Iain Lee.”

While Mrs Vardy declares she felt ‘attacked’ by Swash’s comments, she’s facing some quite chaotic abuse for her comments versus campmate Iain Lee.

The comic – who suffers from depression – broke down in tears when he was unable to complete the Dingo Dollar Challenge, which included his most significant worry: heights.After she was booted

from the show, she told Additional Camp that she thought he was’fake’, and accused him of having a ‘tactical plan’and’playing the sympathy card ‘. Mrs Vardy was required to reject she was kicking a man while he’s down on Great Early Morning Britain, informing the audience:”I was under pressure when I made that comment about him earlier being an utter fake. That was somewhat secured of context.”You understand what, Iain and I had some truly, truly nice discussions

. We discussed exactly what we ‘d been through in our past and I gave him a great deal of pep talks.” Individuals have commented on social media, nevertheless, saying she should be removed from her

ambassadorship with psychological health charity Young Minds, and one individual even claiming to have actually reported her to Ofcom. Source: the Sun Included Image Credit: ITV/I’m a Celebrity …