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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Goes On A Hollywood Star Bus Trip Led By James Corden

To any Avengers fans who headed out to see Infinity War this weekend all I can state is: Wow. If you’ve seen the film then you’ll understand my absence of words.The most recent

addition to the Avengers franchise, Infinity War, posted a greater weekend launching than any movie in history, consisting of the most significant debut for any of its cast and team, any superhero motion picture, any Marvel adaptation, any non-summer release … the list goes on (I’m not joking).

The Avengers is loaded with everybody’s superhero favorites– thus the appeal — so James Corden decided to bring all the superheroes back together once again. In a hilarious segment on The Late Program, Corden exposed his life-long aspirations of starting an LA bus tour catered to celebs. Corden then revealed the job, called James Corden’s TheStar Star Tours and anxiously awaited for the stars to arrive.Low-and-behold, it wasn’t long before Tom Hiddleston himself, who plays Loki in the Marvel movies, boarded the bus. Hiddleston was followed by fellow Avengers: Infinity War cast-mates Paul Bettany, Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Pom Klementieff, Zoe Saldana, Winston Duke, Sebastian Stan, Letitia Wright, Elizabeth Olsen, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie and Josh Brolin. Corden was overwhelmed by the quantity of star power, confessing as they filed onto the bus one by one, ‘This is more stars than I might have imagined.’

Realizing that having all the celebs in one area produced rather the photo-op, Corden stated before the tour started that flash photography was permitted. ‘Simply ensure you tag me in all the pictures,’ defined Corden as Don Cheadle wielded his non reusable camera with pride. The host included, ‘Weapons are restricted on the bus. That consists of guns, mace, war hammers, Vibranium and Infinity Gauntlets.’

Corden then assigned Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pratt to apply sun block to his legs. Another standout minute was when Corden tells Marvel bad person Josh Brolin (Thanos) that he couldn’t go to the restroom since he did not have unique bathroom benefits: ‘As rules on the Star Tours, you have to have actually appeared in 3 or more Marvel movies to use the bathroom. End-credit scenes do not count.’

After stopped working efforts at getting any spoilers from the tight-lipped cast-mates, they went to Golden Apple Comics, where they took pictures with some lucky fans.They ended off the trip with a humorous rendition of ‘We Are The World’ making it basically the most impressive bus tour you will ever see. Did we discuss there’s an unique extremely visitor who shows up very late to the tour? See the video listed below to see who it is!Click ‘NEXT POST’to read more stories like this one and ‘SHARE’ with friends on Facebook!