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Are Rihanna & BF Hassan Jameel Talking Marriage & An Ironclad Prenup?– Hollywood Life


REX/Shutterstock First comes love, then comes marital relationship? No. Initially comes money, then comes marital relationship, according to a brand-new report, which claims Rihanna and Hassan Jameel visited the change! But, they’re supposedly safeguarding their huge fortunes first.The very first indication of

true love and trust is an iron-clad prenup, right? Well, according to a brand-new report, both Rihanna, 29, and her new reported partner, Hassan Jameel, 29, are in the middle of planning a wedding! Nevertheless, business is business.”Everything is moving so quick, but right now the top priority is exercising their specific possessions with their lawyers in order to compose up an ironclad contract,” a source tells Life & Design publication. What numbers are we exactly working with, here? Rihanna and Hassan are apparently hashing out a prenup worth more than $1 billion; you know, 9 zeros …

“They adore each other, however they both understand that a prenup is a great idea,” the insider states. Here’s the supposed understanding–“Both celebrations concur that exactly what they bring into the marital relationship, economically speaking, is what they’ll leave with.” Eventually, Rihanna and Hassan have reportedly accepted keep the agreement as easy as possible. Generally an exactly what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours, kind of situation; because, again, this is what love is all about.Once the alleged

prenup is dealt with, the couple supposedly prepares to obtain wed, beyond the U.S. “They wish to exchange promises to be unique to who they are and where they come from, which means Barbados for her and Saudi Arabia for him, most likely in Riyadh, “the source states. And, get this–“Having 2 weddings is a huge possibility.”Wow.And, there’s no price too expensive for

long lasting love.”They clearly aren’t concerned about money,”according to the mag.” What they both want is to be in a gorgeous location, surrounded by family and pals. They can’t wait to get wed. “This is cute. Nevertheless, neither Rihanna and Hassan have actually not attended to the marital relationship reports. Not to discuss, they do not even have more than a couple of photos together at this point.One individual who did confirm their love?– Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty

.”She told me she had a new sweetheart. I didn’t understand who he was ,”Fentytells the mag. And, he even provided a stern warning to Ri’s brand-new guy.” He’s going to have to buckle up,” Ronald says, because Rihanna’s “extremely independent and enthusiastic. No one can tell her exactly what to do. “Daddy understands best!Rihanna and Hassan were first romantically connected on June 27, when they were spotted kissing in a personal swimming pool in Spain. The pair vacationed at a personal vacation home and looked taken with each other in the< a href=http://hollywoodlife.com/2017/06/27/rihanna-making-out-mystery-man-kissing-pda-pics/ > PDA photos. Rihanna’s romantic trip was the first time she was found with a brand-new man since she and Drake, 30, divided in Oct. 2016. HollywoodLifers, do you think Rihanna and Hassan are the genuine deal? Click to register for HollywoodLife to get more celeb news.