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And the award for best #Oscars tweet goes to … Greg Gutfeld’s TAKEDOWN of Hollywood is GOLD – twitchy.com

Another year, another Oscars. And as in past years, it seems we spent more time throughout (and after) thinking of politics, concerns, and activism than we did any of the films that were in fact nominated. It’s as if that little golden statue has truly lost his way, or is that her method?

We want to make sure we’re respecting pronouns and things.

* eye roll *

All things being stated, Greg Gutfeld covered the night’s celebrations (and Hollywood) up in just one glorious tweet; makes you question if he slept at a Vacation Inn Express the night before:

The oscars original reason for being on TV: to see real movie stars. now it’s a business retreat for an industry committed to non-movie stars virtue signaling. I feel like i’m watching something that I unintentionally walked into at a Marriott convention center.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) March 5, 2018 A business retreat for an industry dedicated to non-movie virtue signaling.Can you state BOOM

? The small parts

of the Oscars this editor might in fact watch were regretfully filled with anticipation, and not the excellent kind … the anticipation that a person of the Hollywood elite would state something truly foolish and mess up yet another movie for her. Don’t denigrate Marriott over silly movie stars!– Kim F. Smith+++gab.ai/ tageine(@tageine) March 5, 2018 ? Don’t be so mean to the Marriott!

Too political to be amusing

— Rita Catherine Marve (@marve_rita

) March 5, 2018 This could really be the new official tagline for

the Oscars. I keep in mind when I went to a matinee on my day of rest and really enjoyed a good film. Then see the Oscars to see if i was best about my options. Now they just tell me how they transcend to me. They have to take some marketing classes.– Jack (@Jack52034064 )< a href="https://twitter.com/Jack52034064/status/970607295221653505?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw "> March 5, 2018 The montages they

in fact create were fantastic, and individuals all around the world enjoyed them since the focus was back on the films. Maybe Oscar has to be advised that THIS is why people enjoy, not to be lectured by a bunch of out-of-touch film stars who believe because they ‘act’ the little individuals have to listen to what they need to state. Simply sayin’. Related: Was this ABC News teaser throughout the #Oscars’ funnier than anything Kimmel stated ‘?(Set your DVR, Hillary!) Montel Williams attacks Dana Loesch as a’spokesmodel’in a’mixed drink dress ‘Tags: greg gutfeld current stories Home entertainment

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And the award for finest #Oscars tweet goes to … Greg Gutfeld’s TAKEDOWN of Hollywood is GOLD