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After Getting His Heart Broken By An Ex, One Guy Got Revenge In The Weirdest Way

Most people have at least one ex in their life. A pretty high percentage of those people also have an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend that broke their hearts. That leaves them wanting to find a way to make their ex feel bad about doing that. (That”s totally normal, right? RIGHT?!)

Well, this man got the type of revenge most people can only dream about.

…But probably would never do.

Michael Anthony Johnson, 27, is accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend”s house and defecating on her bedsheets, a glass kitchen plate, a wallet, and her dresser.

The victim was asleep at first, but her three children claim that Johnson broke in and started doing the deed all over their mother”s items. For his crimes, Johnson was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, criminal mischief, sanitary nuisance, providing false information to law enforcement, petit theft, and aggravated stalking.

(via Wesh)

Let that be a lesson to all of you want-to-be poopers out there, while it may feel good to lay a nice steaming pile of dung all over your ex”s possessions, there are usually some consequences. As in jail time. Have a fun time explaining to your fellow inmates how you ended up in the clink.