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After face-off between John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman, Hollywood has no ‘safe area’ from difficult discussions about unwanted sexual advances

NEW YORK– When the previous film-production intern heard that TELEVISION character John Oliver had grilled Dustin Hoffman about unwanted sexual advances on a New york city stage Monday night, she had an unique reaction.

“I felt pleasant– practically giddy,” she stated.

That intern wasn’t simply an anonymous ex-Hollywood grunt– she was Anna Graham Hunter, the Hoffman accuser whose allegations triggered the showdown.In an interview with the Post on Tuesday, Hunter explained her sensations about the Oliver-Hoffman incident, joining a chorus of people across home entertainment who saw in it a possible new stage in the fragile tango between media, star and the public.

“I love the concept that you now don’t simply get to get out of the news cycle if you’re somebody popular, that there’s no ‘safe area’ from an uncomfortable discussion,” stated Hunter, a Los Angeles-based author who had implicated Hoffman of groping her and making unsuitable comments on the set of 1985’s “Death of a Salesman” when she interned at age 17.

The unusual faceoff– in which an HBO host consistently challenged a prickly Oscar winner at an anniversary screening of the movie “Wag the Canine”– has spurred talk of an altered culture as a typically well choreographed affair saw the elimination of both veil and gloves.Could entertainers now end up being reporters? Could a screening develop into an unforeseen dispute forum? Will victims, two months after the Harvey Weinstein scandal started a wave of harassment examinations, now have famous people facing accusers on their behalf?Representatives for Oliver, Hoffman and the Tribeca Film Institute, which hosted the panel, did not offer comment for this story. The event in between Oliver and Hoffman had actually begun unremarkably. A panel collected to mark the 20th anniversary for”Wag the Pet”– among many such events that occur across New york city and Los Angeles every week. The screening was hosted by Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro, Tribeca’s co-founders, who were amongst

the producers of the political satire movie. They concurred to join Hoffman and director Barry Levinson on the stage. Foreseeable minutes would undoubtedly follow– funny anecdotes from the set; genial platitudes about its significance to the modern-day political age. The lights would go down and the audience would watch the movie. Even Hoffman’s look was plain. In spite of the accusations made by Hunter and another lady, the star had actually just recently taken the podium at 2 Oscar-season

events– the Governors Awards in Los Angeles and Gotham Awards in New York City– with barely a ripple.But Oliver had another concept. In the green space before the panel he read notes, preparing questions that would zero in on exactly what he saw as Hollywood hypocrisy.”I cannot leave specific things unaddressed

,”the host stated after stepping on the stage.”The easy way is not to bring anything up. Unfortunately that leaves me in your home later at night hating myself.

‘Why. didn’t I say something?'” As Hoffman squirmed and protested that Oliver was “putting me on display, “the audience started reacting.”Thank you for believing females,”one shouted to Oliver.By the end of the panel, a variety of guests stood in applause

; numerous seemed cheering for Oliver, though it was not clearly an unanimous reaction. As the news spread over social networks, with video from the event, it ended up being a phenomenon.” It’s fascinating since of the vibrant,”stated Mara Reinstein, a previous Us Weekly editor who concentrates on media and star. “Under those scenarios, maybe 99 percent of mediators would have played it safe. Not only did Oliver go there, he declined to

back down even when Hoffman grew testy. He’s not exactly Mike Wallace, you know? “And, she added,”he didn’t douse flames with a joke, either. “The occasion, some experts noted, likewise mesmerized since it went to the heart of two concern percolating through much of American public life: exactly what’s the correct punishment for alleged sexual harassers and who can adjudicate it.Reinstein stated she believed the Hoffman event would embolden other celebrity mediators to ask hard concerns at future panels, not different to how the Weinstein scandal inspired a broad variety of media outlets to chase after stories about other alleged abusers. She stated, the long-term influence might also be limited.

“The fascinating concern is if the typical [panel-moderating] journalist will go there now,”she stated, mentioning the gain access to questions some home entertainment reporters worry about.”Oliver wields more power.”Even among boldface interviewers, Oliver remains an exception. Ira Madison III, an author at the Daily Beast and popular social-media pundit, stated that the fact that Oliver’s HBO show does not depend on guests– most of the sectors are long-form, issue-based monologues– keeps him distinctively without restraints. “John Oliver isn’t beholden to a lot of the things that other late-night hosts need to handle,”Madison III stated in an interview.”I appreciate that he’s taking advantage of it. A lot of individuals cannot do that. “Not all were encouraged that Oliver was in the. One woman in the audience yelled that he had to carry on; some on social networks called him out for”ego” and”sanctimony”and questioned the appropriateness of the location; a variety of others stated Oliver was founding guilty Hoffman with an absence of evidence; and one high-profile home entertainment gamer stated independently that Oliver was walking too hassle-free a line between comedian and reporter, choreography that often tripped up Oliver’s mentor, Jon Stewart.( Whether the attention it brought the host could likewise spur producers to add more interview sectors to Oliver’s”Last Week Tonight”on HBO remains to be seen. An HBO agent did not immediately respond to an ask for remark. The show ended its season last month and is set to pick up once again at some time in 2018. )However in spite of a small chorus of Oliver criticism, Hoffman’s actions were widely pilloried, certainly on tactical

premises, as he alternately squirmed and looked for to point out a history of treating women respectfully.Madison III questioned whether star packaging will alter since of the Hoffman actions, whether with the star himself, who like others in Hollywood could yet face more accusers, or other stars who enjoyed Hoffman go viral and desire to gain from his mistakes.”

I believe it was useful insofar as it revealed a lot of men in Hollywood have no language to discuss this culture [of harassment], no concept for simplifying,”Madison III kept in mind.” And others will have to

educate themselves so they don’t end up discovering like Hoffman.” However the long-term result of the incident, he noted, could either be extreme openness or the opposite.” It’s going to be very intriguing– you’re either going to see more sincerity or more [male] celebs withdrawing and refraining from doing press at all,” he said.The occasion might yet change the frequently sleepy culture of movie screenings into something more dynamic and accountability-minded, both during award season and upcoming film festivals– the United States ‘most popular gathering, the Sundance

Film Celebration, starts next month in Utah. And for activists and declared victims, that could offer a method for preventing abuse in the future.”The truth that this event introduced the discussion to screenings and panel conversations may do more to enhance things than people losing their jobs,”stated Hunter, Hoffman’s accuser.”Obviously I believe many individuals must lose their jobs. However males losing their jobs makes other guys scared. I do not know if it makes them thoughtful. “I do not think we can fire our way out of this mess,” she added. “We need to think our method out of it.”In this combination picture, John Oliver appears at the Defend Heroes event in New York on Feb. 28, 2015,, left, and actor Dustin Hoffman participates in the 27th yearly Independent Film Job’s Gotham Awards in New York City on Nov. 27, 2017. Oliver challenged Hoffman about claims of unwanted sexual advances throughout a 20th-anniversary screening panel for the movie “Wag the Canine “at the 92nd Street Y in New York.( Photos by Charles Sykes, left, and Evan Agostini/Invision/AP )(AP/AP)