Home Culture A Whimsical Photographer Finds Magic in the Tiniest Places. So Beautiful.

A Whimsical Photographer Finds Magic in the Tiniest Places. So Beautiful.

Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who goes by Slava, really likes mushrooms. After photography, which is his main passion and one inherited from his father, he counts mushrooms as some of his favorite things, and describes himself as an “avid mushroom hunter.”

Naturally, he decided to combine hs two favorite things in the world and the results are incredible. Using macro photography, Mishchenko captures their miniature, magical world, documenting their often overlooked existence as well as that of their fellow forest dwellers: ladybugs, frogs, dragonflies and especially snails.

Snails also feature regularly in Mishchenko”s work, and, like mushrooms, they have also captured his attention. “I think that snails are simply extraordinary not only in their shape and form but also in their beauty and behavior. They are magic creatures for me,” he explains. Mishchenko has been interested in photography as since childhood; his father worked as a photographer for the local papers, and his family spent time camping. Thanks to the advent of digital photography, he”s lately been able to focus (no pun intended) on macro photography almost exclusively.

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Mishchenko prefers to take his photos in the early morning, saying that during this time, the forest”s soft light and stirring energy makes for a magical experience. Photographing the wee creatures he finds, though, takes a lot of patience and a bit of luck. Patience, as well as an appreciation for nature and a romantic disposition, Mishchenko says, are all integral parts of being a successful photographer. He is also careful not to disturb his subjects, and lets their natural interactions serve as the inspiration for his photos. So everything you see in these photos are things that happen in nature every day.