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A Homeless Man Stepped Up To A Mic And Did Something That’ll Blow You Away

Douglas “Doug” Seegers is a formerly homeless street musician from Nashville. He makes his living performing for the public, singing and playing his guitar on city sidewalks and street corners.

The story of how he became known as a country singer is remarkable. Originally from New York, Seegers made his way to Nashville, where he survived on the streets by performing country songs. Eventually, his unique style and voice were noticed when a Swedish TV show recorded him playing in Nashville. The exposure gained him a serious Swedish fanbase, and for good reason. Check out his performance in the video below, featuring Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson.

(via Synthfrillan)

Seegers is still gaining popularity today, and continues to record and perform. He should probably be even more popular, especially in the U.S. However, his Swedish fanbase is fairly dedicated, with some fans traveling all the way to Nashville just to hear him perform or to play/sing with him. Seegers is just happy to play. “I”ll play for anybody anywhere anytime,” he says.