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8 Most Surprising Age Gaps Between Celeb Couples — Koreaboo

A growing number of Korean power couples are showing that when it concerns like, age is actually simply a number.TvN’s Name List Reveal checked out celebrity couples with significant age gaps. Regardless of growing up in various eras, these stars have had the ability to link on a deeper level and forged strong relationships with one another.1. Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Kyun One of these couples was actress Kim Go Eun and

Shin Ha Kyun. Kim Go Eun was popular

for her function in “Goblin “and numerous fans found it entertaining that Kim Go Eun is dating an older guy just like her character Ji Eun Tak who remains in arelationship with an immortal being centuries older than her.The pair has given that split, but they proved for a time that age is however a number! 2. Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Hyun Bin (34) is 7 years older than his sweetheart, Kang Sora(27). When Kang Sora’s contract ended in October 2016, Hyun Bin met her for the first time, and from then on, continued to encourage her in her

acting career.According to sources, Hyun Bin had as soon as been alone after his contract ended with a previous firm, and for that reason wanted to assist. Ever given that then, they slowly ended up being good coworkers, which then blossomed into a relationship.Just 15 days after they started dating, news of their relationship broke out,

and in a simple 3 hours, both sides validated the relationship and included that the two are still extremely much in love.

3. Kim Joo Hyuk and Lee You Young Kim Joo Hyuk(44 )is 17 years older than his starlet girlfriend, Lee You Young (27). The two fulfilled for the first time while working on Yourself and Yours, a movie launched in November 2016. They have exposed they enjoy going on dates by restaurant hopping and traveling.

4. H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun and Soyul Moon Heejun (39)is 13 years older than Soyul (26 ). The 2 fulfilled in 2013 as merely a senior and junior in the K-Pop market; nevertheless, their relationship later on flowered into

that of a couple in April 2016, and just recently they had a child!At the time, Moon Heejun exposed he had actually seen Soyul carrying out in a school girl’s uniform with tracksuits on, which he had actually become a fan of hers ever since. They fulfilled for the first time when Soyul aired on a program Moon

Heejun was hosting. He exposed he had fallen for her when she prepared wooung tea for him to assist with his diet.The couple is seen to be one of the most affectionate couples in the market, where Soyul continues to load lunch for Moon Heejun in lunch boxes with three layers. Moon

Heejun is also known to call Soyul”young puppy “as a caring nickname. 5. Choiza and Sulli Choiza(37) is 14 years older than Sulli( 23). In September 2013, the 2 were spotted delighting in a beer and strolling around the city, hand in hand; nevertheless, they

continued to deny their relationship.It was in September 2014 Choiza lost his wallet, where couple images of the 2 were concealed; thus, exposing their relationship to the public.The 2 have given that broken up, but their relationship got great deals of spotlight and lasted almost 4

Moon Hee Jun & Soyul

years! 6. Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jeong Hwa Ma Dong Seok (46)is 17 years older than Ye Jeong Hwa(29).

The two validated their relationship last December and revealed they initially satisfied after Ye Jeong Hwa signed with Ma Dong Seok’s firm in September 2016.

The 2 appear to have a common interest in fitness and sports, where Ma Dong Seok was a former individual trainer, and Ye Jeong Hwa

Choiza & Sulli

was a previous extending coach in 2015! Ye Jeong

Hwa likewise exposed she had actually been a huge fan of his long prior to they began dating, and the two continue to support each other by keeping track of each others ‘works. 7. Lee Dong Weapon & T-ARA’s Jiyeon Lee Dong Gun(38)is 13 years older than Jiyeon (25). In Might 2015, both Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon first satisfied when they were cast to star in the Korea-China collective movie Encounter, where the two play a couple in the film.Their film roles ultimately kipped down to genuine

Ma Dong Seok & Ye Jung Hwa

life roles, as they & got to know each other while collaborating on the movie. They discovered similarities in their interests in music and acting and exposed their relationship to the general public simply a month after they had actually started dating.They, too, have since split but the couple is remembered fondly! 8. Song Seung Hoon & Yoo Yeok Bi Tune Seung Heon (40)is 11 years older than Yoo Yeok Bi(29). The 2 met in the Korean-Chinese movie, The Third Way of Love in 2015. To Lee Dong Gun and T-ARA’s Jiyeon, the two played the function of a couple in

Lee Dong Gun & Jiyeon

the film, which led to & them ending up being a real couple!Song Seung Heon really exposed he was at first interested in Yoo Yeok Bi after seeing her in the 2011 movie A Chinese Ghost Story. They announced their relationship to the general public in 2015, and were even spotted vacationing in Namhae nation, South Korea, with Yoo Yeok Bi’s mother.In 2016,

rumors of their break-up had arisen two times, however both times, they highly rejected these rumors. It appears like their relationship is strong as ever.

Source: G-ENews