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7 Unhinged Celeb Reactions to Comey Hearing


Hollywood stars rushed to social media to fire off hot takes and commentary about former FBI director James Comey’s testament before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.From memes of Netflix

‘s House of Cards’corrupt President Frank Underwood to profanity-filled Twitter screeds from the similarity actor John Cusack and comic Billy Eichner, celebs were stacking on President Donald Trump throughout the hearing.Below is a roundup of the most absurd ravings from left-wing Hollywood elites.1.

Actor John Cusack, who repeatedly ended his tweets with “impeach, “suggested in a tweet that Comey’s testament made him look more presidential than President Trump. “Comey acting how a president is expected to behave- surpass a disgrace -repubs hanging all there hopes on the words I

hope– context setting,” the star wrote.Comey behaving how a president is supposed to behave-defeat a disgrace -repubs hanging all there hopes on the words I hope– context setting 2. “This is essentially a domestic abuse case,” the official Twitter represent the TBS program Complete Frontal with Samantha Bee tweeted Thursday in response to an earlier message published by Donald Trump Jr. 3. Meanwhile, the officialrepresent Late Night with Seth Meyers poked fun at Trump’s boy, Eric Trump.James Comey is the worst thing to take place to Donald Trump since the doctor said,”it’s an Eric!” #ComeyDay 4.

Somewhere else, long time Trump opponent Rosie O’Donnell accused the president of”maligning”her as he had actually “maligned “Comey.donald libelled comey– he disparaged me– he’s attempting 2 malign #OBAMACARE– calling it a death spiral” — an OUTRIGHT LIE– don’t think

him EVER 5. Actress Minnie Motorist revealed through Twitter that she was viewing Thursday’s hearing using an unusual outfit including pictures of previous president Barack Obama all over it.”Simply so you have a clear visual of how 44 and I are watching #ComeyDay,” she tweeted.6. Comic Billy Eichner blasted President Trump, calling him a”revolting weird piece of sh * t. “My decision: Donald Trump is a disgusting scary piece of shit. CASE CLOSED.7.

And after that there was Avengers star Chris Evans, who took a break from slamming President Trump to beg the president to live-tweet the procedures: I have actually never ever desired Trump to tweet so terribly in my whole life.

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