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6 ladies expose yet another Hollywood power gamer as a sex predator– this is seriously perverse!

There’s relatively no end to the sexual harassment allegations being waged versus Hollywood’s power players.Six females have actually come out and implicated another film director of sexual harassment and even assault.Natasha Henstridge stated she was 19-years-old when then-budding director Brett Ratner assaulted her.”He strong-armed me in a genuine way, “Henstridge stated as she recalled the

night of the supposed attack. Natasha Henstridge. Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb Henstridge said she was in a space loaded with buddies viewing a motion picture at Ratner’s New york city home when she fell asleep.When she

awoke, she found she was alone with Ratner who physically obstructed her from leaving his apartment, the Los Angeles Times reported. Henstridge told the Times that he began touching himself and forced her to carry out oral sex.”He physically forced himself on me,“

she stated.”Eventually, I gave up and he did his thing.”Ratner went on to become a successful

director building up big movies like” Heavy traffic “and “X-Men: The Last Stand “under his belt.Henstridge also found success in acting and appeared in” Types”and” The Entire 9 Yards,”but declared she never forgot exactly what occurred as she watched Ratner increase to the top

of the Hollywood pack.And Henstridge is not alone. Jaime Ray Newman.

(Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)Actress Jamie Ray Newman said she sat next to Ratner on a plane ride in 2005. The director who was about to begin dealing with”X-Men”loudly began to explain the sex acts he would like to carry out on Newman, the Times reported.”He was graphically describing giving me oral sex and how he was addicted to it, “Newman said.She also stated Ratner happily showed her nude photos of his girlfriend at the time.Although Ratner would openly tout that he

didn’t consume or do drugs, he hung with a quick Hollywood crowd.Among good friends was Paramount Productions Production Chief Robert Evans, who was founded guilty of drug trafficking. Ratner likewise cozied already disgraced

director James Toback who was just recently outed for serial sexual misconduct on the level of Harvey Weinstein.Ratner has actually been accused of using his” tidy “(of alcohol and drugs)personality to excuse himself of sexual misconduct(after all, if that’s all he’s doing he cannot be that bad, ideal?). An informing Tina Fey”joke”made at a Females in Home entertainment breakfast last December indicates Ratner’s conduct may have been another”open trick.””Brett Ratner is here.

In his defense, he believed this was a thing where you might eat breakfast off of 100 ladies,”Fey informed the crowd.Ratner’s sick behavior was apparently nothing new, and more disturbingly accepted on specific levels.Olivia Munn wrote about an alleged encounter with Ratner in a 2010 essay, however didn’t call him at the time. Munn accused Ratner of masturbating in front of her when she went to deliver food to his trailer.One year after

the allegation, Ratner determined himself as the one in the essay and bragged he had actually”banged “Munn, according to The Times.

He also publicly boasted of “climaxing”on publication covers featuring her image.A couple of days later Ratner retracted his claim on The

Howard Stern Show, the Times reported. The damage was done.Munn, like the others, felt it was time to come out swinging in the wake of the lots of scandals rocking Hollywood. Olivia Munn. Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic Actress Katharine Towne said Ratner made aggressive advances to her at a Hollywood celebration, and at one point followed her into the restroom. “He began to come on to me in such a way that was so severe,”Towne stated.

“I think it’s quite aggressive to go in the restroom with someone you do not know and close the door,”

Towne said. Image by: Lee Roth.Katharine Towne at the best of”Desert”.( Hollywood, CA )( Star Max through AP Images )Towne stated she aimed to joke about her weight in an effort to turn him off.”I don’t even know exactly what you want with me. I’m sort of chubby today,” she told him.Ratner wasn’t fazed.”I like ’em chubby in some cases,”she stated Ratner replied.At that point, Towne said she offered him her number and assured to get together in the future in order to get out of the
immediate situation.Ratner presumably made calls to Towne for the next
6 months that went unanswered.Two more women likewise implicated of

Ratner of deviant behavior.Eri Sasaki stated she was a 21-year-old aiming model and vocalist when Ranter made highly inappropriate advances on the set of in” Rush Hour 2″”Do not

you wish to be popular?”Ratner presumably asked Sasaki. She stated Ratner ran his finger

down her back and consistently asked her to go into the bathroom with him. She was working as a background starlet, however stated Ratner offered her a line in the movie

is she complied.Jorina King, who likewise had a background function recalls a similar scenario.King said Ratner plucked her from the

background extras and dangled a speaking function in exchange for

sexual acts.Lower level production crew members told The Times that Sasaki and King reported the supposed harassment at the time.Their problems were brushed off as flirting by the movie project’s more powerful gamers, inning accordance with The Times.For now, Ratner is either vehemently rejecting the claims or says he does not recall the occurrence, inning accordance with his lawyer.