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3D Printing Just Upped Its Game By How It Uses This Cool Goo To Paint


“Beep. Boop.” – Robot speak for “The future is here.”

Up until now, hydrographic printers have only been able to basically print repeatable patterns onto 3D objects. Emphasis on: “until now…”

However, this computational hydrographic printer is a game changer. Yes, it DOES use goo that looks straight out of the human pods from The Matrix.

In this printing system, a 3D Vision system measures the location and orientation of the goo as it interacts with the object. No, this device is not involved in porn.

Through a computational model that analyzes the color film distortion, a texture map of the image is created just waiting to perfectly interact with the contours of the object.

Whoa, sorry did that make your head hurt? Well, here’s the bottom line.

The end result is an image that can be exactly placed on any object. It’s pretty incredible how precise it is. Watch (above).