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3 Times Seth MacFarlane Attempted to Warn Us About Hollywood Predators

(ANTIMEDIA)— As more accusers step forward declaring sexual misbehavior by powerful Hollywood figures, Family Man fans have actually seen a pattern: Seth MacFarlane has actually used the program and his platform to alert of these people several times, and he’s been doing it for numerous years.We’re revolutionizing the news industry, but we need your help! Click on this link to get started.1)Kevin Spacey in 2005 Twelve years prior to Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of sexually

assaulting him when he was 14, an episode of Family Man consisted of a scene that seemed to suggest Spacey was a predator. “Help, I’ve gotten away from Kevin Spacey’s basement! Help me!”yells Stewie Griffin as he runs

through a crowded mall wearing just a diaper.Following the floodgate of accusations versus Spacey, MacFarlane has yet to launch a statement attending to the scene.2)

Brett Ratner in 2012

In a 2012 episode of Family Man titled, “Leggo My Meg-O,” there is a scene that jokes about Brett Ratner, an American movie manufacturer best known for directing the Heavy traffic movie series, bidding on a sex servant. The auctioneer starts by announcing the bids, saying:“I have $75,000. Thank you, Brett Ratner.”

5 years later on, the scene sounds less like a joke and more like MacFarlane aiming to sound the alarm. Ratner has now been accused of sexually bothering and assaulting at least 6 ladies.

3) Harvey Weinstein in 2013

After introducing the candidates for the best-supporting-actress award as host of the 2013 Oscars, Seth MacFarlane stated: “Congratulations, you five women not need to pretend to be brought in to Harvey Weinstein.” The joke drew laughter from the audience.Four years later on, more than 80 females have accused Weinstein of sexual assault or harassment. When the Weinstein scandal first began to dominate the news cycle last month, MacFarlane required to Twitter to validate that his joke”came from a place of loathing and anger “over an attack on his good friend, JessicaBarth.pic.twitter.com/ z8cyxrd693– Seth MacFarlane(@SethMacFarlane )October 11, 2017 It nearly seems as though the minute a Hollywood figure is implicated of sexual misconduct

, somebody on the internet finds a Seth MacFarlane referral from the past.Perhaps an unique prosecutor ought to be assigned to watch all the old Family Person episodes.WATCH NEXT: Corey Feldman Just Dropped the First Call of Alleged Hollywood Pedophiles Imaginative Commons Anti-Media/ Report a typo