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2nd Hollywood Sign Proposed on Other Side of Mountain for More Picture Opportunities

Resources Unlimited and provided by Councilman David Ryu– describes a number of methods to enhance traveler gain access to around the area. In addition to building a replica of the sign, the report also proposes opening a visitor center and a viewing platform.”The Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park are being liked to death,”Ryu stated in a statement.”This is a world-renowned icon, and possibly the only one without correct access to it. It’s like having the Statue of Liberty without a visitor’s center, viewing platform, or even a sign telling you the best ways to get to it.”The second Hollywood sign would be constructed on the north or L.A. Zoo side of Griffith Park. The background would resemble the original, inning accordance with the report.The study notes that a replica might “take away from the history”of the original indication.”For educational and historic purposes, it might make one of the most sense to maintain only the initial sign, “the report states. “An additional sign is proposed as a method to think about since of its possible to improve security and reduce area congestion.”In addition to options to offer more visitor chances, the report likewise consists of proposals to enhance pedestrian security

and availability to Griffith Park and trailheads. It likewise details ways to broaden transit alternatives(consisting of an aerial tram ), boost traffic flow and emergency vehicle access, carry out stricter parking guidelines and increase parking citation amounts.Ryu has actually filed a motion asking for city officials to study the expediency of the propositions.