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28 Hilarious Dogs Reacting To All The Silly Things We Humans Do

We all have that one friend who we can rely on to be brutally honest with us. Even if it”s something we don”t love hearing, we know they”re only acting out of loyalty to us. And we also know when to avoid them so we can remain in denial.

But these hilarious dogs won”t let their humans get away with that. Their sweet faces make it crystal clear just exactly how they feel about our choices, even if they do try to soften the blow now and then. There”s simply no hiding the truth with these funny reactions to our silly human lives.

1. “You renewed your insurance, right? I really can”t bail you out again.”

2. “Oh…we”re having…veggie burgers…for the Fourth of July? Yeah, that”s…fine.”

3. “No, I”m not laughing at you, I swear. That could happen to anyone…”

4. “Bro, you need to shave that “stache. It”s not a good look for you.”

5. “Yes, please tell me more about your ex…as long as you keep the belly rubs coming.”

6. “Riiiight, you “don”t know” what happened to the last piece of cake.”

7. “Have you ever considered therapy?”

8. “That haircut definitely doesn”t make you look like Carrot Top…”

9. “Can you please just ask Siri how to get there already?”

10. “Wearing the same outfit you left in last night this morning, I see.”


11. “Wait, you actually thought that child”s gate could hold me in?”

12. “I see the diet is going…well.”

13. “Yes, please…tell me more about how you are one with nature.”

14. “I never want to hear the word “vegan” in this house again, got it?”

15. “Remember when you thought the lyrics were “hold me closer, Tony Danza”?”

16. “You really think I”m going to run that far?”

17. “Just because you aren”t having kids anytime soon doesn”t mean I should suffer the same fate, y”know.”

18. “Dude, I was telling Mikey about the time you peed in the pool and tried to blame me!”

“Show him the look on your face when they caught you! So priceless!”

19. “Uh, yeah, that Botox looks totally natural.”

20. “So…you got another credit card, huh?”

21. “And then she gave him her phone number and it was only six digits!”

22. “Good luck changing the channel from where I put the remote.”

“We”re all Animal Planet all the time now, lady.”

23. “Um, did you want them to make your bangs look like that?”

24. “How many beers is that today, buddy?”

25. “This is my impression of you at the beach.”

26. “Jan, you”re thirty. Accept it and put the bedazzler away.”

27. “You should audition for American Idol. I”m totally serious.”

“Be sure to really belt it out.”

28. “I can”t go out there with you looking like that.”

“Have some dignity, man.”

At least there”s plenty of snuggles waiting for us once the sting of truth has faded away. And no matter how much they might seem to judge, you know they still love you! (Because you buy the food.)

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