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26 Dogs Who Wish You Would Reconsider Letting Them On The Bed, Just This Once

Dogs pretty much feel like they own everything in their humans” homes, so it”s no surprise when bedtime rolls around and they get a little confused as to why they aren”t allowed up.

But really, who could seriously say no to these cuddly faces? They”re like stuffed animals who came to life and love you way more than Mr. Bear ever could.

1. “Are those new Tempurpedic pillows?”

2. “Please! I”m! Begging! You!”

3. “You look so well-rested. I wonder what that”s like.”

4. “C”mon, I only barfed that ONE time!”

5. “I had a nightmare, please protect me.”

6. “Please answer my prayers.”

7. “I really love eating in bed, too…”

8. “I thought you loved me.”

9. “Oh man, this blanket is SO SOFT.”

10. She”s so polite, who could say no?

11. “Oh, am I not allowed up here?”

12. “I bet that”s a great view for the TV. Not that I”d know.”

13. “I”ll blend right in!”

14. “I promise – my addiction to goose down is gone.”

15. “I”ll help you make the bed if you let me sleep on it.”

16. “Don”t worry, they”ll fall asleep soon.”

17. Just keep climbing, buddy. You”ll make it eventually.

18. “I won”t hog the covers…too much.”

19. He”s been like this all night. Watching. Waiting.

20. “How many times do we have to go over this?”


22. “These smell nice and fresh, I should probably fix that for you.”

23. “My feet are still on the floor, so this doesn”t count.”

24. “This is a really big bed for just one person…”

25. “I”m not on your bed – I”m on mine!”

26. “I”ll even let you be the little spoon this time.”

(via The Dodo)

Of course, they usually get their way and end up stealing our pillows, squishing us to one side, or waking us up with suspicious smells. But would you really want it any other way?