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24 Hilarious Pets Who Are Totally Terrified By Ordinary, Everyday Items

Not all fears are rational, especially if you happen to be one of our fluffy animal friends. Some particularly skittish pets seem to adopt the “trust no one” policy for every little item that passes their way.

It may not be logical, but mundane objects scare these adorable cats and dogs silly. It’s hilarious…then again, you can’t help but still feel kind of bad for the super-phobic fur babies.

1. Don’t worry, it’s only bad luck to go UNDER!

2. If only he could walk through walls.

3. “Something touched my leg.”

4. The yellow snake protects him from the lawn monster (mower).


6. “The last two steps are bigger than the rest, I swear.”

7. “Why is that huge metal bird in the sky so loud?”

8. Hey, tweens can be pretty terrifying.

9. “That thing looks like IT’S gonna eat ME!”

10. Someone just decided to be an upstairs-only cat from now on.

11. He actually prefers the invisible ball trick.

12. “Don’t play innocent, I see you talking to the vacuum all the time!”

13. The threshold obviously has a secret force field.

14. Safety first!

15. “Why is the sky so angry?”

16. “What if I go down the drain with the water??”

17. To be fair, he is outnumbered.

18. “We’re in a big, moving metal box. WHAT ABOUT THAT ISN’T SCARY.”

19. “It’s okay, I’ll just stay this age.”

20. He prefers Meryl Streep.

21. “But…there’s bugs out there.”

22. Big brothers are way safer than seat belts.

23. “Not the air monsters again, anything but them!”


Maybe with a little patience, or perhaps some therapy, these cuties can conquer their fears. In the meantime, I think they’ve all earned some nice, calm belly rubs.